Sharks flew in the sky, what a bird (with video)!

Tourists are spending time on the beach like themselves. Some are busy bathing, some are sitting on the beach enjoying the beauty of the sea. Just then a giant eagle flew over the beach. He grabbed a shark by the leg and flew away. And everyone present on the beach saw the scene with a yes. Recently, one such incident was witnessed at the Myrtle Beach in America. Kelly Barbage, a South Carolina resident, captured the scene. It has gone viral by spreading it on Facebook groups.

Tracking Shark uploaded the video from their Twitter handle. Which has already been seen by more than 1.5 million people. But what is that bird of prey? That is not clear. As Kelly wrote, “Eagle or vulture?”, The trekking shark also asked if anyone knew the identity of the bird of prey that was taken by the shark in their post. According to a group of ornithologists, the shark is a species of osprey. But I can’t wait to tell you that the video shocked everyone.

Watch that video