‘Shake hands with the entrepreneur’ Young-Hwan Oh, contacted more than 100 people at the National Assembly… Waiting at home such as Nakyeon Lee

In addition, Oh Young-hwan and the Democratic Party’s Democratic Party met with the new coronavirus infectious disease (Corona 19) confirmer, and the National Assembly overturned when it became known that they had met with members of the National Assembly.

Oh Young-hwan, a member of the Democratic Party (right), who went into self-isolation after a three-day prosecutor in contact with a corona 19 confirmer in the district, is attending a series of seminars on the National Assembly’s Life Safety Forum held at the Yeouido National Assembly Hall in Seoul this morning. yunhap news

Rep. Oh said in a letter notice on the 3rd that “Citizens shaking hands at a local event in Uijeongbu City at 6:30 PM on the first day were notified that the corona19 was confirmed.” He said, “There are no symptoms at present, but those who have come into close contact with me from the last 2 days to today should consider taking action until the test results come out.”

Rep. Oh was examined at a screening clinic at Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul and was put into self-isolation until results were obtained. The Democratic Party sent texts to members of the House of Representatives who contacted Oh and asked them to wait at the House of Representatives.

Assemblyman Oh attended the seminar on the National Assembly’s Life Safety Forum and lectures by former Minister of Unification Lee Jong-seok. At the event, the same party members Lee Nak-yeon, Song Yeong-gil, Woo Won-sik, Lee Hae-sik, Ko Young-in, and Justice Eun-mi Kang Eun-mi attended. If you include not only these members, but also assistants and staff members of the National Assembly, it is estimated that the number of members that Oh had contacted at the National Assembly this morning will reach 100.

Rep. Lee Nak-yeon, who congratulated the former Minister of Unification for a lecture at the invitation, withheld the afternoon schedule and went into self-isolation at home until the results of the prosecutor’s inspection came out. “I remember that I attended later than expected and did not come into contact with the lawmaker Oh because I left early,” Lee said on his SNS on that day.

In addition to this, more than 30 lawmakers such as Woo Won-sik, Park Joo-min, and Sung-jun Jin, who visited the same place as Assemblyman Oh, are waiting in the office of the Assembly Hall until the results of the prosecutor’s inspection.

In addition, Lee Nak-yeon and Democratic Party congratulatory remarks at the invitation speech by former Minister of Unification Lee Jong-seok, held at the National Assembly Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on the 3rd. News 1

Congressman Oh’s test results are expected to come after 8:30 pm on that day. Originally, the plenary session for the third supplementary plan was scheduled for around 7pm on the day, but it was delayed to 10pm considering this.

By Eun Eun Jung, reporter [email protected]

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