Severe weather & rain radar: stay dry with these apps

The right app for Android or iOS informs you about impending storms, thunderstorms, storms or hail. Ideally, the storm warning is displayed via push notification so you don’t even have to open the app to check.

Alternatively, apps such as the rain radar provide information on how far the nearest rain or thunderstorm front is.

But there are also good SMS services and websites optimized for smartphones with severe weather warnings, which have one major advantage: they not only work on Android and iOS, but also on less-common smartphone operating systems and even on simple cell phones.

DWD warning weather and the alternatives

In Germany, the German Weather Service (DWD) is the top dog when it comes to severe weather warnings. Almost all apps focus on the dissemination of severe weather warnings issued by this national meteorological service. And in the meantime the DWD also has its own app with warning weather (1.99 euros for all functions) iTunes Store and in Google Play Store provided.

But all weather apps differ significantly in design, usability and range of functions. In our gallery we present a selection of apps for severe weather warnings:

Attention: There are considerable differences between the individual offers in terms of costs and range of functions. Only a few apps and services are completely free, for some you pay steep subscription fees.