Severe! A Collection of Students Accidentally Making a Covid-19 Party to Share a Virus – A collection of students in the City of Alabama held a “Covid-19 Feast” as a contest to see who was first exposed to the corona virus.

Reporting from South China Morning Post (SCMP), Tuscaloosa City Council Member Sonya McKinstry said students were hosting parties to intentionally wish to infect each other with the Covid-19 corona virus.

McKinstry said the party organizers deliberately invited guests who tested positive for Covid-19. He said students put money in pots and anyone infected with Covid-19 would get cash first.

“This really doesn’t make sense,” McKinstry said. “They did it on purpose,” he added.

Tuscaloosa Fire Chief, Randy Smith, confirmed the incident to the city council on Tuesday (6/30/2020).

The department initially considered the parties rumors to be just rumors, but Smith said after some research, officials found that such parties were real or actually existed.

“It is not only the doctor’s office that confirms this but the state also confirms that they also have the same information,” Smith said.

Illustration of a party [ Rohimah]
Illustration of a party [ Rohimah]

Smith did not say whether any action would be decided on the students involved. He also did not say which university students were involved with the party.

Alabama is one of several states that has reported record increases in new corona virus cases in the past week.

As of Friday (3/7/2020), cases in Alabama reached 40,111 with 985 deaths.

While in the United States alone has reported more than 2.7 million total infections and more than 130,000 deaths related to the Covid-19 corona virus.