Sergio Lounge presents new album “The Loungest”

Sergio Lounge presents a new studio album “The Loungest”, which publishes in collaboration with Pop Depression i umbrella. The album is available for listening on all digital platforms as well as on the band’s YouTube channel, and can be download for free or for “pay as much as you want” on the bandcamp pages of the group and the publisher.

For some things you have to wait for the right moment to be ready. Srdjan Popov Sergio Lounge launched his musical alter ego (Sergio Lounge) into the world several years ago and caused great attention of both the media and the audience. Along the way, he won prestigious demo festivals in the region (Demofest, Bunt), played on the biggest stages, made ingenious lo-fi videos and shocked the audience with a selection of songs he played with his fantastic band. But, in addition to living as Sergio Lounge, Srdjan is at the same time one of the most respected producers and cameramen in Serbia, and his work on other people’s albums is as elusive as the music he creates: what exactly connects Fish In Oil, Ida Prester, Autopark , Coucou Abel, About Lorna, Bitipatibi, Weird Fishes, Bas i Stega…

And now, in the summer of 2020, when the world seems to have gone where it doesn’t know where to return to, Sergio Lounge presents “The Loungest”!

“The Loungest is an album dedicated to the music that influenced me, so it’s an album full of homage, associations and subtle hints. Each song and each element of the song has its own story and its own reason for existing in that arrangement. These reasons are most often related to an author or a song of the 20th century. This very clearly illustrates the way I create and experience music and the way I keep my songs unique and exciting. I think that the main way music performs its function through associations – a certain melody, rhythm, sound, harmony, or genre, production, way of performing, all these things affect our experience of music and whether it will “work” or no. These associations are certainly a personal thing, every listener will have their own experience when listening to a certain music, but there are also those associations that are culturally already inscribed in our listening system, constant use and repetition of these patterns, attachment to certain images and emotions, “he says. about the album Srđan Popov.

The first single from the album “The Loungest” is the magical “Concordia”, which with the dreamy whispers of Srdjan and Luna seems to evoke the spirit of Mitar Subotić Suba from the time of the anthological collaboration with Bebel Gilberto.

Along with Srdjan Popov, the musical world of Serdja Laundža is created by Pavle Popov, Luna Škopelja, Kosta Jovanović, Fedja Franklin, David Armuš, Todor Živković, Ivan Dedić and Aca Pejčić, and Pavle Popov (music “High” and “Detective part 2” appear as co-authors of the songs ”), Milenko Vujošević (Ensh) – lyrics for“ I Fall In Love With You Every Day ”and“ Empty Space ”, as well as Čedomir Stanojević (About Lorna) – lyrics for“ It’s So True ”.

“The Loungest” was recorded in the “HillRiver” studio in Zemun, and along with producer Srdjan Popov, the mix and master were done by Goran Simonovski and Dusan Filimonovic. The design of the cover for both the digital edition and the CD is the work of Emilija Radojicic.