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Serbian singer Ljupka Stevic last September, when she realized that her husband – a former chief of the traffic police in Belgrade – Dragisa Simic cheated, scissors swept over his cars. As we reported, she took the “embellishment” with her phone and posted the photos with an explanation on Instagram: “I spent ten years on this shit. Let the whole country know that, “he said.

A few months have passed, and Ljupka has now spoken on the Serbian show DeToxic about whether she got over her former partner and whether a new love is on the horizon.

“I haven’t found anyone. I’m not really looking for him, but I’m waiting for him to find me. I’m a lady and I want a new partner, whatever it is,” he said. she said. “I’m waiting for the real one, I got over my ex, even though I saw in one show that he’s driving a great car, it’s great,” Stevic discovered with a smile on her face.