SEOS announced new roadblocks on Saturday at 1 pm at several locations 1Archive photo Photo: Arsenije Mandić

The Association of Environmental Organizations of Serbia announced new roadblocks for tomorrow in protest of lithium mining and the “Jadar” project of the Rio Tinto company.

Gathering at the blockades starts at around 1 pm, and for now several locations are known: Vrbas and Kula – a gathering in front of Vital, Belgrade – near the Sava Center, Topola – Pedestrian crossing near the highway, Loznica – at the intersection in front of Šepački and bypass road, Čačak – near Preljina and the road Požega – Kosjerić near Pjesko.

We will not stop the blockades until we drive away Rio Tinto and all other mining companies that intend to poison our land, air and water, said Ljiljana Bralović from the environmental association “Suvoborska greda” for

Zlazko Kokanovic from the Association “Ne damo Jadar” also confirms that the blockades continue, saying that he will not give up until Rio Tinto leaves Serbia.

The Environmental Uprising announces for Nova that from January 15, the protests and blockades will be more radical, if the state does not show the agreements and obligations that Serbia has towards Rio Tinto.

They remind that at the end of December, they gave the Government a deadline to present all documents signed on behalf of the citizens of Serbia with the company Rio Tinto and its subsidiaries in Serbia by Christmas.

We are no longer interested in any excuses and spins of regime representatives. The Jadar project must stop immediately. If the Prime Minister does not do that, longer and more numerous roadblocks will be organized next Saturday, but further radicalization of the protest is also planned, the Environmental Uprising said.