SEO and SEA: Optimization for advanced users

In our webinar we show what search engine optimization looks for advanced users and give tips and tricks for keywords, local SEO and Co.

Search engines are constantly evolving. They change their algorithms, which determine the positions in the search results. The main focus is on search terms. A strategic website operator knows the search terms (keywords) with which his potential customers move on Google and other search engines. And he knows how the information architecture of his website has to be structured so that the search engine crawlers can optimally read and interpret the website content.

Find out in our online seminar SEO & SEA: Optimization for advanced users Know new professional tools and optimization tips and how you can further optimize your own website for Google.

SEO & SEA: Optimization for advanced users


July 16, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


Among other …

– Keyword-Analyse

– Local SEO: understand local rankings

– Optimization of online shops

– Which performance factors (KPIs) are decisive in SEO?

– Google Analytics & Search Console

target group

The online seminar is aimed at employees in the field of SEO & SEA, website operators, employees and employees from marketing, bloggers, editors as well as small and individual companies.

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The 90-minute online seminar consists of several topics. First, the basic theoretical knowledge is briefly and concisely conveyed. Then practical examples and samples are used to show how theory can be put into practice.

Participants have the opportunity to ask questions about the topic at any time and to discuss it in the webinar round. You can attend our online seminars conveniently from home or from your office (stable LAN connection required).