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V Who you will find a new collection women’s lace lingerie and it’s amazing. Lace there is tenderness, tenderness, romance and predation. As such, lace gives our clothes a touch of sensuality. When it comes to underwear, this is doubly true. In the right fit women’s underwear woman feels uniquely and confident.

Lace lingerie It is not only practical but also beautiful. That is why the offer on the market is really large. In fact, lace itself has always been a sign of charm and luxury and will never go out of style. These days are nice lace lingerie each of us can buy. It works beautifully on every woman, and in return, women also feel irresistible in them.

Lace panties

For example, a category lace panties is full of beautiful pieces with lace. You can choose various colors, materials but also styles such as the popular thong cut, string panties or classic panties, but also shorts, which you can buy in Kik in burgundy for 99 CZK and match it with a beautiful burgundy bra lined with black lace will be the perfect choice. Quality lace panties are comfortable to wear and are nice.


The romantic soul will certainly be pleased by various laces or colorful motifs, with which some camisoles are decorated. But he also chooses a woman who prefers simplicity. The offer is rich in terms of material. Women’s shirts they are equipped with various ribbons or ornaments. For example, a black shirt with a lace bra and a translucent lower part is decorated with a red hem and the cups are decorated with decent red bows. There must also be a cut or neckline.


When choosing bras and underwear Overall, fantasy should have no obstacles. It is not just a matter of ensuring that the bra provides you with a suitable shape, but also that you feel good in it. In Kik, he chooses a roughneck that tends to black linen, as well as a gentle romantic soul.

Choose from a variety of colors, shapes and styles. There are, for example, classic practical bras, as well as pieces that are lace and very provocative in Push-up design, reinforced, seamless, unreinforced, with or without bones, corset and bracelets. A woman of fuller shapes can also choose. For example, an amazing burgundy
lace bra for 159 crowns you can match with panties for 79 CZK and when you add light ones black bathrobe you will feel perfectly beautiful.

Source and photo: Kik