Self-employed workers have to do the math: they can switch support, but long-term change may not pay off

Self-employed workers who have already made discounts for Social Security and who are receiving support for the reduction of activity, which has a minimum value of 219.4 euros, will be able to join the new extraordinary support of 438.81 euros that will be paid from July to December, advance the “Jornal de Negócios” this Friday. This information was transmitted to the morning by deputies of the PS.

The exchange of support, however, may not pay off. Whoever joins the new 438.81 euros grant creates new contributory obligations for a period of 30 months in addition to the support.

The support contribution is equivalent to that of the self-employed person (21.4%) “based, at least, on the amount of support incidence” (438.81 euros) – that is, about 94 euros per month. Between July and December, only one third of this amount is paid, but the remainder must be paid over the twelve months of 2021, without interest.

An independent worker, when requesting the new support, may receive 2,632.86 euros, from July to December.

However, if you arrive in January and if you still have income, you will have to pay 36 months of contributions, which is equivalent to 3,380 euros (if you had no Social Security discounts) – more than you received – or 2,254 euros, if you have discounts in the twelve months prior to support.