Seen Calm, Beautiful Wife Mats Hummels Turns It Can Do Handstand – The beautiful wife of Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummel, namely Cathy Fischer, seems to be a woman who is diligent in training the hand and stomach muscles. Because, he is able to do handstand, a movement that rarely can be done by everyone.

Handstand is a standing motion with the body positioned backwards and both hands in focus. So, the hands act as the focus and the feet are straight.

Need strong hand muscles and abdominal muscles to be able to do handstand movements. If both muscles are weak, a person will certainly fall because they can not support the body.

Cathy’s ability to do handstand he showed through a video on his personal Instagram. Had failed in the first try, he succeeded after trying for the second time.

2013’s most popular German WAGS is very happy after successfully doing a handstand. He looks ‘celebrated’ by dancing at the end of the video.

Cathy herself has been in a relationship with Hummels since 2017 or since she was a teenager. After eight years of knitting romance, the two decided to get married in June 2015.

Three years later, the marriage of Cathy and Hummels is more complete. In January 2018, both were awarded a boy named Ludwig.