Seamless integration of Colect sales tools with Becosoft ERP software

Becosoft – one of the largest ERP providers in the Benelux for the fashion sector – enters into a strategic partnership with Colect, a company that develops leading digital tools for the sale of fashion items.

Thanks to this collaboration, Colect’s sales tools can be seamlessly linked to Becosoft’s ERP packages. “For example, the presentations of collections and the subsequent sales transactions will go a lot easier than before,” explains Arthur Hoffman, Executive Director at Colect.

“Colect’s products are powerful and user-friendly in themselves, but thanks to the link with Becosoft’s ERP systems, orders can now be processed immediately as soon as a customer makes the purchase,” says Kristof De Coninck, CEO at Becosoft. “If a retailer decides to purchase a collection using one of Colect’s sales tools, the necessary steps will be taken in the background to automatically forward that order to Becosoft’s ERP systems.”

“This gives sales people more time to focus on the actual sales process and customer contact,” continues Arthur Hoffman. “By automating the administrative side of sales, orders can be processed faster and human errors are avoided.”

“Colect and Becosoft already serve many common customers, and the link between our systems is already fully operational,” says Kristof De Coninck. “We have noticed that customers increasingly want to use advanced digital sales tools as an extension of our ERP systems, so we are very pleased that we can offer a stronger proposition in this area thanks to the collaboration with Colect.”

“The demand for powerful digital sales tools has been rising for years,” concludes Arthur Hoffman. “We are excited that we can now offer a fully integrated end-to-end solution with Becosoft, and that our mutual customers no longer have to worry about system connections and data feeds. In this way they can concentrate fully on what they prefer and do best: sell clothes. ”

Over Colect

Colect develops innovative SaaS solutions for the B2B / wholesaler in the fashion, lifestyle and home decoration sectors. More than 400 fashion brands and more than 86,000 retailers worldwide use Colect tools for digital and mobile sales.
Thanks to applications such as B2B Sales App, B2B Web Shop, Virtual Showroom, Digital Showroom and In-store Sales App, fashion companies can grow faster and provide their customers with better service through an efficient exchange of product information, assortment planning, order processing and data analysis.

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Over Becosoft

Becosoft develops leading ERP and point-of-sales software for chain stores and wholesalers for the fashion, garden and lifestyle sector, among others. The company was founded in 2001 and today has 35 employees, spread over three locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. A recent poll shows that Becosoft has risen to number two in the Benelux in the use of ERP software in the fashion industry.

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