Scottish Fold: Character, Price and Care Advice

Scottish Fold: character, price and colors of the Scottish cat

One cat very distinctive looking it is Scottish Fold. Some individuals of this breed, in fact, have ears folded forward (hence the term fold). Thus they were born as suffering from a disease called osteochondrodysplasia.

However, in the same litter can also be born subjects with straight ears: these are called Scottish Straight and are not excluded from reproduction. Indeed, two subjects with folded ears must never be made to mate because the homozygosity of this pathology causes lethal alterations.

History and origins

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The history and origins of the Scottish Fold they are quite recent. It all begins in 1961 when William Ross, a Scottish shepherd, sees a white stray cat with strange ears folded forward on the street. It was a female named Susie, without Pedigree and which belonged to an acquaintance of his. Ross learned that Susie’s mother had normal ears. Falling in love with the cat, he and his wife decided to take one of Susie’s puppies: he too had those curious folded ears.

So the couple decided to try create a new breed. During the first three years of selection, 76 kittens were born, 42 of which with folded ears. The two decided to call the new breed Lop-eared, named after a type of rabbit with the same ears. In 1966 the new breed was registered by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, while in the 1970s the name was changed to Scottish Fold.

Meanwhile the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy revoked the registration because the unnatural fold of the ears caused ear infections and hearing problems in these cats. So the Rosss moved their kennel to the United States. Here Dr. Neil Todd del Carnivore Genetics Research Center found that the ear mutation was linked to a specific one autosomal dominant gene with incomplete penetrance which, in case of homozygosity, is lethal. Furthermore, this gene is also linked to bone deformities, tail and joint anomalies.

Precisely to avoid bone and joint problems, the Scottish Folds were crossed with British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair and American Shorthair. Not all puppies were born, however, with folded ears. Those with straight ears were called Straights and were not discarded from breeding. Through these crosses the breed could again be safely bred, but making sure never to mate two Scots with their ears folded together.

And even today mating with British Shorthairs and American Shorthairs are authorized for this reason. In Europe this breed is not very widespread, unlike what happens in the United States: it is not recognized either by the FIFe or by the GCCF.

Appearance and coat color of the Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold blu
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The Scottish Fold is a feline breed of Scottish origin that is not very widespread. And of medium-large size with short hair.

Breed standard of the Scottish Fold

This is it breed standard of the Scottish Fold:

  • Body: medium in size, robust and rounded, never squat or heavy
    Head: rounded and broad, full cheeks. Big round eyes, small nose and light stop. Ears small and folded forward (except in Straights which have straight ears), with rounded tip
  • Neck: short and muscular
  • Meaning: Short, medium-boned and round feet
  • Coda: medium-long, straight, thinner at the tip

Coat color of the Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold’s coat is usually short, fluffy, thick and tough. As coat colors allowed are:

  • Solid: white with blue, copper or uneven eyes and pink nose / fingertips; blue with copper eyes and blue nose / fingertips (lo Scottish Fold blu is among the most sought after colors); black with copper eyes and black nose / fingertips; cream with copper eyes and pink truffle / fingertips; red with copper eyes and brick truffle / fingertips
  • Tabby: brindle, spotted or ticked in blue, cream, red, brown, silver and cameo colors
  • Tortie (turtle scale): blue and cream or black, red and cream
  • Smoke: colori blu, nero, cameo, silver, shaded o chinchilla

All colors that indicate hybridization, such as colorpoint, chocolate or lilac, are prohibited, even when combined with white. Even if it is Scottish Fold lilac it is highly sought after on Google, it is not a color in the breed standard.

Size: height and weight

The Scottish Fold is a medium sized cat. If we talk about weight we have:

  • males: 5-6 kg
  • females: 4 kg


Any deviation from the breed standard is considered a defect. Among the most common we have:

  • bent or short tail
  • tail with vertebrae of abnormal thickness
  • any evidence of disease
  • colors resulting from hybridization

Character of the Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold, cat
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The character of the Scottish Fold is that of a quiet cat, sociable and company. He loves sharing life and spaces both with people and with other animals. THE kittens they tend to be more playful than adults. Perfectly suited to apartment life, but beware: they are also skilled hunters.

It is a cat that is very attached to its human, it will follow it everywhere and it will need to cuddles and attentions. Not suitable, therefore, for those who spend too many hours away from home.

He is also extremely curious, tending to hide all the small objects that catch his attention. Not particularly cold.

Who is it suitable for?

Given the sociability, the Scottish Fold could be suitable as a first cat also for beginners (as long as they are informed about its possible health problems). Ideal for those who live in an apartment or already have other animals. Not suitable, however, for those who spend many hours away from home.

Nutrition, health and disease

L’feeding of the Scottish Fold it does not differ much from that of other feline breeds or tabby cats. Both in the case of commercial nutrition (croquettes or cans) and in the case of home nutrition, you must opt ​​for quality foods and ingredients.

Be careful not to overdo the doses as it is an easily endangered breed obesity.

For the cureApart from paying more attention to cleaning the ears and a brush every now and then to remove the dead hair, it does not need great care.


In addition to the classics illnesses that all cats can manifest regardless of breed, in the Scotish Fold we can see above all:

  • osteocondrodisplasia
  • polycystic disease
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • otiti

Where to find a Scottish Fold

can find a Scottish Fold for sale gives farms professional, amateur or private individuals who have litters. To be sure it’s a Scottish Fold, the only way to know is if it comes with Pedigree.

Alternatively, you can try to ask your veterinarian for a genetic test, but the Pedigree is required for the official.

How much does a Scottish Fold puppy cost

Scottish Fold, kitten
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The cost of a Scottish Fold puppy it is quite high: it starts at 800 euros, but easily reaches 1,500 euros or more. The price it varies a lot depending on the genealogy and the type of breeding.


Here are some small ones curiosities about the Scottish Fold:

  • There is no it Scottish Fold nano, the standard provides for a single variant. If a Scottish Fold is born with too short legs, it is a genetic anomaly or a form of dwarfism (therefore it is a “sick” cat)
  • If you are wondering how long does a Scottish Fold live, well, yours average life span is 14 years old (not among the longest-lived breeds)
  • It is strictly It is forbidden to mate two Scottish Folds with folded ears: the gene that causes folded ears, in fact, is autosomal dominant with incomplete penetrance. In homozygosity it is accompanied by fatal congenital anomalies. For this reason, people with folded ears are only mated with those with straight ears
  • I kittens at birth they have ears like all other cats. Only around 2 weeks you can see if they will have the typical crease or not

Why get a Scottish Fold

It Scottish Fold it is a particular looking cat that immediately catches the attention. He is docile and affectionate, loves life in company and loves being at home to be pampered. Whether it’s a Scottish with folded ears, or a Scottish with straight ears, it’s a lovely cat.

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