Schools in Prachinburi offering candle offerings – innnews

Before the Buddhist Lent Day – Asanha Bucha Day, various schools in every part of Prachinburi have arranged candles for the rainy season – offering rain showers to the nearby temples such as the Municipal School 2 (Luang Prichaakun) under the Municipality of Prachin Buri. Prachinburi District, Prachinburi Province. Mrs. Parinee Phongphrong, Acting Director, along with the group of teachers and students, has arranged a candle to pledge lenten with shower cloth to give to Luang Prichaakun Temple every year.

But this year due to the epidemic situation of Kovi-19 Therefore, offering candles in the New Normal way by arranging a teacher representative , Student representative To present at the Luang Preechakun Temple not all. To reduce the congestion, students – teachers must wear a mask. ,Social distance By preserving traditional traditions, such as candle parades around the 3 Ubosot Buddha and offering ceremonies By having students Is the leader of the zodiac, giving candles and offering offerings – rain showers

Provost Phra Choti Pariyabattikhun (Prachoin), District Dean of Muang Pran Buri District And Abbot of Luang Preecha Koon said: “Before this long holiday Many schools in Prachinburi city, such as Technical College, Muang Prachinburi Kindergarten, Municipal School 2 (Luang Prichaakun) have offered lent candles – rain showers to bring students. Participated in an important day in Buddhism Learn Thai manners, ordinances And inheriting beautiful traditions Every school organized a candle parade in the New Normal way, bringing together teachers and students representatives. During the 3 months, where do the monks spend the night? Live the study of Dhamma, discipline and Dharma practice Buddhists will offer candles. And with rain showers Allowing Buddhists to make merit Listen to the dharma, “Phra Kru Prachot said.