Scam of false RC cars: 30 million seized

That of the false RC Auto it is one of the longest running problems of the Italian automotive sector. With the arrival of the web, then, the phenomenon has even exploded: on the IVASS website (acronym for “Institute of Insurance Supervision) communications from web portals obscured or closed because” sorting centers “of false car insurance policies are daily or almost .

The last case is a few days ago and, according to the investigators who are dealing with it, it could concern at least 30 thousand people throughout Italy. And the numbers of this single fake RC Car scam could be destined to grow quickly, based on the evidence collected by the men of the Prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Venere. The investigations, in fact, have brought to light a real criminal organization, composed of more than 10 people (2 in prison, 8 under house arrest and 6 with an obligation to appear before the judicial or residence authority).

“Only we have ascertained the presence of at least 3,000 complaints per scam – explained Alessandro Di Vico, deputy prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, owner of the investigation file, at the press conference – but it is a figure that does not even represent 10% of the scams actually perpetrated. ” Motorists, in the vast majority of cases completely unaware of the scam and the invalidity of insurance policies, notice the scam only in the event of an accident or in the event of a check by a patrol on the street. In short, most of the time scammers manage to get away fairly easily.

At the center of the scam discovered by the Campania investigators, one of the many that have emerged throughout Italy in recent years, we find a series of web portals of fake insurance intermediaries – many of which used only to “advertise” the offers – through which the false coupons were sold. Customers were drawn into the scam network fairly low insurance premiums: in some cases, the amount to be paid was even 10% lower than that charged by “legitimate” insurance companies.

According to the investigations, the criminal organization – managed like a “Swiss watch”, complete with drug checks on the call center staff – he also managed to earn 15,000 euros a day. In addition to the arrests and pre-trial detention measures, the investigators also seized a “treasure” worth more than 30 million euros and consisting of 2 slots and betting rooms, 18 car resale companies, 1 trading company of clothing, 1 clothing store, 1 property, 3 land, 1 motorboat, numerous cars, including luxury cars, as well as numerous financial reports.