You know what they say: the most important thing is the arrival and the impression you leave at the beginning. The singer and the nightingale, who had a joint performance a few days ago, are well aware of this.

Saša Lendero and Damjan Murko Namely, they drove to one of the joint performances in the famous restaurant in Brezovica on a vespa. With this, they received a big round of applause from all the guests. Of course, this isn’t the only thing in common that has connected the popular singer and the king of self-promotion lately. Saša Lendero and her husband Me Hercogu the Slovenian nightingale advised at their wedding and, as the organizer, excelled. Recall that his first big hit is Happy because I was born a man over 15 years ago and now is the time for a new one. The secret, however, remains with whom the nightingale will chirp in a duet. We can only issue that he will record a new hit with a man who will be a real shock.

murko 2

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These days, Slavček is preparing a new song together with Saša Lendera and Miha Hercog.

In the abundance of work, both Saša and Damjan always take time to socialize, together with her husband they often have some fun and sing some of their hits or evergreen hits in the evenings with good food and a precious drop. So soon we are promised new rhythms, which will be created together by Damjan, Saša and Miha.