Samsung travels through Nacional 2 to show Portugal through the lens of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (with video) – Meios & Publicidade

Portugal Por Dentro, campaign that will take Samsung covering the entire Nacional 2, results from a partnership between the brand and Turismo de Portugal, with the support of the Association of Municipalities of the Estrada Nacional 2 Route. The objective is to support the resumption of domestic tourism at the same time as promoting the capacities of the brand new smartphone. The project will therefore consist of crossing the whole country of a week, departing from kilometer zero in Chaves this Thursday, on a journey led by photographer João Bernardino and surfer João Kopke to show the country through photography through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. The trip can be followed daily, being divided into seven stages, with a different guest in each one to answer the challenge of showing, through his photographs, the region of his stage. They are José Vilas Boas, Inês Costa Monteiro, João Amorim, Filipe Pinhas, Marta Ferreira, Voodoolx and Andreia Costa Lopes.

At a time when it is imperative to promote domestic tourism, EN2 is the perfect path for this trip in which we challenge some of the best creators of national content to rediscover Portugal through their photography and creative expression ”, believes José Correia, director of mobile product marketing from Samsung Iberia, considering that “the trip along the famous National Road 2 is the perfect motto to fully exploit the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, a device that allows us to experience the world in a different way and that guarantees us high quality in the production of content such as photography and video ”.

The resumption of tourism activity will certainly count on the rebirth of European tourism, but the dynamism of domestic tourism will be crucial for the economic reactivation of the country ”, underlines Luís Araújo, president of Turismo de Portugal, explaining that it is in this sense that“ beyond launch of the campaign #TuPodes, VisitaPortugal, we have been investing and supporting the development of initiatives that integrate several regions and that allow a rediscovery of the national territory, as is the case of the emblematic Estrada Nacional 2 ”.

The Portugal Por Dentro action, recalls José Correia, “follows in line with Samsung’s latest actions, such as the 943km of Photography, where we tried to show a new perspective of our country to the Portuguese and those who visit us”. “We believe that throughout this week we will be able to create and show new memories between places, people and traditions on this which is the third largest road in the world”, he reinforces, reiterating that “this initiative is another example of our effort to promote our country , both internally and for foreign markets ”.