Samsung skips 4nm – said to go directly to 3nm

The most important tool in the hunt for ever faster processors is the ability to manufacture circuits of ever smaller size. This is usually stated as a measure in nanometers which is the width of the circuit’s wiring paths. Today, the flagships use 7 nanometers, but the development is moving forward.

The Taiwanese company TSMC, which delivers to Apple and Huawei, among others, has started production of circuits that utilize 5 nanometers, making them one of the leading manufacturers on that front. Samsung is another player in that market, and their production of 5nm will begin in the fall with the system processor Exynos 992, among others.

However, according to Taiwanese media, Samsung’s next step will not go down to 4nm but they are said to be investing directly to 3nm with a production start in 2022.