Samsung rag

Samsung launches its own exclusive cleaning cloth for clients of the firm who are within the Samsung Members program, and makes 1,000 units available to them totally free. The South Korean company teases with this free cloth of the Apple cloth that sells for 25 euros in the stores of the firm.

Glancing at Apple, Samsung is offering this cleaning cloth as a gift similar to that of Apple for 1,000 users who bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 in Germany as well indicated in iPhoneHacks.

This is not the first time that Samsung has made fun of Apple

Indeed, this is not the first time that Samsung has made fun of the Cupertino company. At this same time last year, Samsung mocked Apple and its customers for not sending a charger with their devices, previously it did so by adding the problematic notch or eyebrow (which Apple also added to its MacBooks). Curious that later Samsung also eliminated the chargers of its flagship …

Another curious detail of this clear nod to Apple is that Samsung offers this “rag” to customers who have an old model and the S20 is almost on the market for two years Why not give it away to users who bought the new Galaxy Z Fold3 or Z Flip models?

This leads me to think that today’s mockery about Apple’s cleaning stick will lead the South Korean company to sell theirs over time. In this sense, the firm is now giving them away to customers, but I do not rule out that in time it will end up selling a suede equal to or similar to Apple’s.