Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review, callable tablet with S-PEN pen | Mobile story EP.20

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, a tablet that is more responsive and versatile.

Screen size of 10.4 inches, stereo speakers automatically adjust the direction of the sound There is also a sound system that AKG has tuned and Dolby ATMOS. What kind of solutions will users respond to? S-PEN pen is good? Can go to see in this clip

🟢 Topics in video clips

00.08 Price
00.48 How many color models are there?
01.12 Design
03.33 Camera
04.07 Operating System
04.40 Using the S-PEN pen
05.56 Using multiple screens at the same time
06.50 Watching Youtube, Netflix
07.30 Features of Sumsung Kids
08.08 Test the game play

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, 10.4-inch screen tablet, Dolby ATMOS stereo speakers, Netflix