Samsung could be the only manufacturer of NVIDIA Ampere GPUs

As you know, NVIDIA is preparing to release NVIDIA Ampere GPUs. It was assumed that most of the orders for the production of these chips will receive TSMC, and only a small part will go to Samsung. According to recent reports from leaked author kopite7kimi, an authoritative source of information regarding NVIDIA products, Samsung will be the only manufacturer of NVIDIA Ampere GPUs. “In response to the question of whether NVIDIA TSMC will choose Samsung with their 7 nm or 8 nm, I answer that Samsung’s Ampere gaming GPUs will be 100%,” said kopite7kimi on Twitter. One of the reasons for this decision was the fact that the demand for production capacities of 7 nm TSMC already exceeds supply and potential customers have to pay more and more to place their order.

We add that Samsung’s 8nm process technology is an improved version of the 10nm 10LPP process technology. Using 8 nm technology, Samsung managed to achieve a transistor density of more than 61 million per mm². Official confirmation or refutation of information from the leak from NVIDIA or Samsung has not yet been received.