Salut is currently ruling out selective confinements due to outbreaks in Lleida

He Department of Health discard of moment decree the selective confinement of some areas of Lleida as happened in March at the Òdena basin. Anyway, the counselor Alba Vergés it does call on citizens to slow down and postpone all activities that are not essential. ‘We detect a volume of important cases and it makes us think about what we need to do‘, he warned.

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He also explained to Catalunya Ràdio that the incidence of cases in Lleida has doubled this week compared to last, but that most of the mobility is within the affected area. Vergés has also used it to claim the inhabitants of the Stripe to go to their referral hospital, that of Barbastre, to avoid more tension in thehospital Arnau de Vilanova from Lleida.

On this, he said that the number of hospital and ICU admissions had grown. ‘This makes us think that we have to act and that we have to give the message that this is no joke,’ he reiterated. Last week there were 167 cases and this one there were 325. ‘The virus is being transmitted, we want to bend this curve of Lleida’, he insisted.

He also explained that special attention is paid to the elderly and vulnerable, whether they live at home or in a residence. For this reason, control measures will be applied, such as personal visits and attention to symptoms.