Sabina Tápai walks on light legs

With the arrival of summer, the shorter skirts and swingy clothes came out of the closet, we finally don’t have to wear stockings, and we can’t sunbathe our bare feet on the shore of Lake Balaton to our liking.

Those with varicose veins, on the other hand, know exactly that the bulging, bluish-purple veins, the swollen ankle, hold back many from the pleasures of the aforementioned pleasures. We talked about the importance of preventing varicose veins with Szabina Tápai, EHF Cup winner handball player, the ambassador of the Light Legs varicose vein campaign, for whom it has always been extremely important to maintain the health of her legs as an athlete.

Although varicose veins problems are often due to genetic causes, factors such as overweight, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle – or vice versa, excessive strain on the legs in case of long-term standing work. In addition, some professional sports can put a significant strain on the legs, so Szabina has long taken care of the health of her legs and with them her veins. “During my active years as an athlete, after workouts and matches, a sports masseur helped us relax my muscles, and at home I made sure to tuck my legs up and relax them that way.

The athlete is lucky, as he did not experience any private varicose vein problems during his period of active professional handball or during his pregnancies, which, of course, includes, of course, conscious attention to prevention, such as regular exercise and healthy eating. “THE exercise should not be an effort, but a joyful, natural part of everyday life: gardening in the garden, cycling in the area, take part in an online yoga class – you can choose from many options”He highlights.

In addition to exercise, developing a healthy diet also contributes greatly to preventing varicose veins: “During my years as an active athlete, I learned to pay attention to healthy eating myself, at that time we received much less information about it. It is not necessary to follow strict diets, but rather to make sure that mainly healthy food is on the plate. Of course, here too, every member of the family eats the birthday cake with great pleasure, but on weekdays, the children get fruit, not sweets, but snacks. ”

It is very important not to get bitter if you have a varicose vein problem, but to see a specialist. The disease needs to be addressed by all means, and the sooner we do this, the better it can be treated.