RUGIP “parcels” the expertise and earnings of the lawyer

03.07.2020. / 14:45

– In RUGIP, only “selected” lawyers get jobs
– The bar association rose to its feet after the “explanation” of the director of RUGIP that they have no obligation to elect temporary representatives in order
– RUGIP paid a quarter of a million to lawyer Milan Matić, and most other lawyers were never offered a job

BANJA LUKA – The Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs (RUGIP), headed by the director Bosiljka Predragović, favors certain lawyers and assigns them lucrative jobs of temporary representatives in administrative proceedings. While a large number of lawyers have not been hired for years, several of their colleagues earn hundreds of thousands of marks in these proceedings, he reveals. CAPITAL.

Bosiljka Predragović

That the favorites exist is unequivocally confirmed by the list of earned amounts from 2015 to 2019, compiled by RUGIP, which is in the possession of our portal.

It can be seen from the list that RUGIP hired 53 lawyers in four years, to whom it paid more than one million marks.

First on the list after earnings is a lawyer Milan Matic from Bijeljina who received almost a quarter of the total amount allocated by RUGIP, ie 235,854 mark. At RUGIP, it also ranks well Andja Djurdjevic with earnings from 80.843 KM, Milenko Radović who collected 70.360 KM, too Vukasin Avric i Jovan Gotovac to which the eye belongs 60,000 marks.


The rest of their colleagues earned far smaller amounts. Some only 200 marks in four years, and some not so much, because they were never hired.

Under the pressure of the profession, the RS Bar Association reacted and asked RUGIP for an explanation.

The answer they received provoked the anger of the legal community, which said that they would take all legal possibilities to stop this policy of favoring the director of RUGIP.

Namely, instead of the director of RUGIP clarifying according to which criteria she almost always hires the same representatives, she says that there is no prescribed obligation when it comes to choosing a lawyer, which indirectly acknowledged that there is a possibility of abuse.

There is no statutory obligation for lawyers to be selected in a particular order or by random selection, but the only criterion is to ensure that the principles of efficiency and protection of the rights of the parties are respected.”She assesses.

She gave herself the right to eliminate lawyers who deal with criminal law from these jobs, because according to her assessment, they cannot perform their jobs well.

When appointing a temporary representative, the administrative body is obliged to take care that he / she successfully and qualitatively achieves the protection of the rights of the person he / she represents. In this regard, the appointment of lawyers in administrative proceedings within the competence of this body is not effective if it is known that lawyers deal exclusively with criminal law.“, Predragović believes.

Lakic: This is unacceptable

Lawyer Vanja Lakić, who was among the first to point out numerous irregularities, believes that the behavior of the director of RUGIP is inadmissible. He says that together with his colleagues, he will do everything to regulate this area.

Representation should be provided to everyone according to clear and precise criteria, and not according to personal assessments and arbitrariness, as is the case here. I am convinced that most colleagues agree with meShe said.

By the way, according to the information he came across CAPITAL, information on how much individual colleagues earn on this basis has raised the entire legal community in Srpska to its feet. Most members of the chamber are trying to harmonize the proposals in order to regulate this area and prevent further abuses.

Also, some lawyers claim that the list is falsified and incomplete, so they believe that the chamber should insist with RUGIP to provide it with accurate and precise data.

Some lawyers even advocate filing criminal charges.

CAPITAL: Dejan Tovilović