Rudolf Henzel: “NATO’s community of values ​​and the bombing of” Slavic subhumans (non-humans) “

Three recent articles in German newspapers are the reason why the scientist and psychologist, who has lived in Belgrade for more than a year, finally removes and removes the serious prejudice against his fellow citizens. On June 12, Dagmar Henn wrote a guest article for “RT.DE” entitled: “Instrumentalisierung der Geschichte – Bibi Jar und der Untermensch im Slawen” (“Instrumentalization of History – Babin Jar and Subhumans in Slavs”).

She was thinking of the debate in the German Bundestag about the attack on the Soviet Union. Two days later, Hartmut Somershuch, the editor in charge of the environmental show “Ozone”, wrote a sensational article in the “Berliner Zeitung” entitled “Unpunished chemical war against Serbia: Who will finally condemn NATO?”. On June 15, Alliance 90 / Greens foreign policy expert Cem Ozdemir warned of NATO’s “community of values” in RT.DE: “Putin is relying on ‘escalation’ and ‘terrorism’.

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These three newspaper articles and the unusual statements of German Nobel laureate Herta Miller, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb about the legality of the illegal US-NATO war of aggression against Serbia in 1999, made the author think very well, which it prompted him to demand that the image of the “Slavic subhuman-non-human” be finally erased and expelled from German consciousness!

Unpunished chemical war against Serbiais: who will finally condemn NATO?

In the introductory sentences of his article, Somershuch posed a debatable question in the Berliner Zeitung: “Did the process of reconciliation with war crimes in Yugoslavia really end with the final verdict against Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic?”

Then begins the enumeration of the war crimes of that time: “For seventy-eight days, in 1999, NATO bombed Serbian hospitals, schools, waterworks and chemical plants without a UN mandate. This first aggressive war with German participation since 1945 led to an ecological and humane catastrophe. But churches, environmental associations and the Alliance 90 / Greens are still silent about these events. “

The war mood was fueled by the Green Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer and his colleague Rudolf Sharping, writes Somershuch further. The deliberately misleading claims of the two politicians that intervention is urgently needed to prevent “ethnic cleansing”, further “expulsions” and “humanitarian catastrophe” were repeatedly refuted by retired Lieutenant Colonel Jochen Scholz, a former adviser to the Bundeswehr (Federal Army) Inspector General at the Ministry of Defense. .

According to Somershuch, already in the summer of 1999, the British general and former commander of the UN protection forces in Bosnia, Michael Rose, published on the TV channel “Arte” the film by Sasha Adamek “Bombs on chemical plants”: “The goal was to stop and destroy Milosevic’s military machinery. But it ended in failure. The list of targets was then expanded to include so-called civil-military targets, that is, bridges, roads, power supplies, hospitals, and even television stations.

These horrific war crimes of 1999 cannot be mentioned often enough, as official Western historiography attempts to falsify historical truth:

In 1999, US-NATO destroyed or damaged 60 bridges, 110 hospitals, 480 school and educational facilities, 365 monasteries, a television center, electrical and plumbing power systems, and 121 industrial plants.

2,500 people were killed in this war, using code words for this inhuman and inhumane action “Merciful Angel”. Somershuch describes a particularly cynical war crime of the NATO alliance, for which over 30,000 highly toxic and radioactive uranium projectiles were used at over 80 locations, and the deliberate bombing of large chemical centers in Pancevo, Novi Sad and Bor.

Under the headline “Serbia has the most cases of lung cancer in Europe today”, a brave journalist reports on the genocide that caused these diseases:

“Only a few years after the end of the war, Serbian doctors like the leading Belgrade oncologist Slobodan Cikaric and neurologist Danica Grujicic noticed a dramatic increase in the cancer rate and mortality. Today, Serbia is at the top of Europe in lung and breast cancer. Only in May 2018, doctors in the west-oriented Belgrade parliament managed to establish an examination-research commission, which will investigate all the consequences of the attack with uranium ammunition and the attack on the chemical industry. For toxicologist Ursula Stepan from Halle, the bombing of Serbian chemical plants is still an unpunished crime, and she believes that it was a deliberately planned and intentionally caused chemical war, which resulted in thousands of victims and long-term damage. “.

After the UN Environmental Protection Agency (UNEP) examined the damage caused by chemical attacks on the site and concluded its report, it wrote in its report “that most of the pollution caused by leaks and burning of chemicals were contaminated sites caused during this war.” Somershuch once again quotes toxicologist Ursula Stepan:

Ursula Štepan, on the other hand, declared the extent of destruction, soil pollution and, above all, large clouds of poisonous gases an exceptional incident under strict German laws, as a catastrophe beyond control, for which there is no experience, predictability, ability to prepare, and thus nor defense centers. Comparable to ChernobylL Jom or Fukushima. “

Was it an act of the so-called North Atlantic “community of values” that the green politician talked about in his article? What are the values ​​of this community that has not apologized for its crimes or committed any compensation to date? In the alternative media, that is why this community is called and marked as the North Atlantic terrorist organization.

“Instrumentalization of history – Babin Jar and subhumans – non-humans among Slavs “

Below are some excerpts from the articles of Dagmar Henn’s opinion in “RT.DE”. At the same time, the German author notes, the former government involved in war crimes and genocide in 1999 has a hard time reproducing inhuman prejudices against the proud Slavic people. As a scientist and friend of Serbs and Russians, however, he knows what these blatant prejudices served politically and economically.

In the introductory text of her article, Dagmar Hen wrote:

“It seems to be in the Federal Republic Germany impossible even to deal decently with the Slavic victims of Nazi racial madness. Instead, it’s Babin Jar used to signal and emphasize that subhumans remain subhumans, at least as long as thattman-inhuman Slovene ”.

To confirm intergenerational prejudices, she then takes a look at the inhumane and insane statements of Heinrich Himmler, an expert on the racial doctrine of the Nazis. In his speech in Poznan, he will clearly show the Nazi image of the Slavs:

“This mass must be trampled and stabbed, butchered. To use a very brutal example, it is like a pig that has been stabbed and that must gradually bleed to death. (…) A Slav is never able to construct something on his own. It is not destined to last in the long run. These human inferior goods are today just as incapable of maintaining order as they were 700 or 800 years ago.

How they are Russians, how they are Czechs, I am completely indifferent and do not care. We will get the good in the blood of our species that is present in the nations, kidnapping their children, if necessary, and raising them here. Whether other nations live in prosperity or perish from hunger, I am only interested in that as much as we need them as slaves that we need for our culture, otherwise I am not interested in everything else about them.

Make sure you pay attentionN Jthat these non-humans are always looking at you, as if they were looking at their owntplaced in the eyes. It’s like an animalbut. As long as he watches his tamerYikes in the eyes, that time and for so long does nothing. But it must always be clear to you: it is a beast. “

It is more than depressing to read and experience that this racial madness, these prejudices and huge arrogance, especially of the German ruling politicians and the Western world, have not really been removed to this day. World War II, as well as war crimes and genocide against NATO countries by Satanists during the 1990s, can be partly explained by this.

Finally, delete the image of “Slovenian bytman (non-man) “from the German consciousness!

German and other Western mass media constantly attack not only the Slavic citizens of Serbia, but also the Slavic citizens of Russia and Belarus. Indeed, President Vladimir Putin is regularly accused of the worst crimes and terrorism. The mentioned, the stupidest article of the green politician Ozdemir, with which he is courting the NATO pact, is just one of many examples.

Therefore, journalist Dagmar Hen in the mentioned article “RT.DE” demands:

“It is more than necessary to finally erase the Slavic imagethem bydnon-human people from German thought and consciousness. Not in the sense of a lasting attitude to humility. But the omission of penetrating moral arrogance, the simple acceptance that the Russian (and Belarusian) people decide for themselves about their lives and their political representation, as well as the decision and renunciation of geopolitical power games with Berlin as the senderbut, it would be a huge step forward and a huge step forward. “

Likewise, the very unusual statements of German Nobel laureate Herta Miller, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb, who classify the illegal US-NATO aggression against Serbia in 1999 as a justified war, can be confirmed in the context from which one can see the anti-Serbian prejudices that have existed for generations and which are the background of all this.

What will happen if regime change cannot be achieved in Russia and Belarus, which is what the US-NATO countries are openly striving for? Will NATO’s “community of values” also bomb these countries and their “Slavic subhumans”?

In this context, the author refers to a public statement and initiative initiated by him and his friend, which was first published in the “Noah Rainer Zeitung” on May 8 and 9, 2018 in five languages ​​(also in Russian and Serbian). : “We Europeans say NO to war against Russia! “



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