Round carpet

Round rugs to change the look of the rooms in the house

Sometimes it takes very little to renovate a room. A furnishing accessory impact can change the appearance of a room, be it the living room or a bedroom.

Lovers of furnishing fabrics know this well, specifically we recommend bringing color and originality with a new carpet.

Many styles and materials available, but the variant that we would recommend is the roundabout shape. The round carpet it is a great seasonal trend: less formal and more lively, it lends itself to being added to classic or modern contexts, just select the style.

Round carpet in classic style

The round carpet it represents the less conventional variant but does not mean that in this format there are no models suitable also for houses in classic style furnished with stylish pieces. On the site They are bedroom rugs The living room rugs round classics like the model Bouhjar patterned in shades of blue and pink from the collection Trendcarpet Art Line. This carpet lends itself to being placed in one bedroom come in living room and its precious aspect will ennoble the interior that houses it. The motifs drawn on the carpet recall the Persian rugs in full oriental style and it is made by machine and this makes its cost even more accessible than handmade rugs.

The thickness is 10 mm and the material is polyester. The same carpet is also available in the rectangular format, but the round version has a diameter of 180 cm.

Bouhjar round carpet by
Always the classic type is the round carpet gives 240 cm in diameter model Gombalia in shades of blue. This floral patterned carpet was woven with a frame and has a more intense blue border while in the central part the floral motifs stand out on a less intense and more dusty blue base.

Tappeto tondo Gombalia Trendcarpet
Those who love warmer and deeper tones can also opt for the round carpet Peking with burgundy red as the dominant color, capable of enhancing the style furnishings on the various wood tones, but also suitable for heating a marble floor. It measures 10 mm thick and can be purchased in three different sizes, with a diameter of 120 cm, 160 cm The 200 cm.

It can be found, always on sale online, in the variant oro, elegant and timeless, a classic and tasteful choice or in the classic blu, an always winning choice for a respectable home interior.

Round carpet plain, also for the bedroom

Those who love rich motifs will choose a carpet oriental taste like the classic ones seen so far, those who have a simpler taste and without many motifs and frills will be able to count on rugs in plain color of various kinds. For a full and very decorative effect, ideal for bedrooms, the ideal rug is a long pile carpet soft to the touch and rich in sight.

Always on Trendcarpet you can find the round carpet with shiny synthetic threads.
The advantage is the fact that although the carpet is long-haired, it does not generate lint that detaches or spreads around the house. The height of the hair is 3 cm.

You can also buy a carpet in shades of mint green, a very trendy color variant also in theinterior design for this season.

Long pile rug in mint shape from Trendcarpet
But in the round version e plain color we do not find alone decorative rugs with long pile, but also more manageable and lighter versions like the 6 mm thick model carpet Elite from the Trendcarpet Art Line collection. Versatile, lends itself to be used in various rooms of the house: it stands out for its modern appearance. Depending on the space available, you can choose the diameter of 120 cm, 160 cm, 200 cm or the maxi version to 240 cm.

The round carpet it is also an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms.
Aesthetics here must go hand in hand with functionality: the most suitable rug for children is washable like those of the Inka collection starting from the model with Smiling Face dai pastel tones. Pink, light blue or in the more original mint green version it was made of washable and hand tufted cotton. It can be washed comfortably at 30 degrees.
On sale on site Benuta

Round rug Inka Smiling Face by Benuta

Same site for the bedroom rugobviously round in shape.
Children are known to love animals, so why not keep one in the bedroom?
The carpet Carlo collection of Benuta Kids in cream sees the face of a three-dimensional lion. The mane becomes the edge of the carpet, in the center of the eyes, ear and mouth. the figure stands out from the neutral color of the backdrop, playing on two tones of cream and hazelnut.

Round rugs in jute: a natural choice

Another great trend of the last few years, which becomes more current than ever in the summer months, are furnishings and accessories made with natural materials, primarily jute, bamboo and sisal. These give a fresh and a little exotic aspect to the house, perfect in the living room as in the sleeping area, they become a connection complement between the inside and the outside of the abiration.

Very often rugs made with these fibers are in fact designed just like outdoor rugs.

A model that lends itself well to change appearance to a living room perhaps furnished with soft tones or white upholstery or with the warm shades of the earth is the round model San Francisco in jute. This eco-sustainable choice is resistant and suitable for both indoors and outdoors, on a veranda, in the garden or on a large terrace to be furnished to enhance its beauty. The carpet is hand woven, approximately 15 mm thick and made of 100% jute. It is located on Trendcarpet.

To create a truly relaxing setting both inside and outside the house, we suggest inserting a magazine rack, a rocking chair or a pouf always in the same material.
Also interesting is the model always in jute but bicolor Garui, natural and rough.

Jute rug Samsara Benuta Naturals
Even Benuta, with the Benuta Naturals collection, offers a good choice of natural carpets come Jutta in brownish color, a warm carpet with concentric exposed workmanship.

Another rather original and more worked model is the round carpet Samsara in jute that alternates solids and voids and turns on violet tones. The circle is not a perfect and simple round, but it is embellished with decorations and points that run all around. It always belongs to the Benuta Naturals collection.