Rosraduganadzor: Putin instructed to “build public control” over the image of the rainbow

An image of a rainbow not propagating among children.

As already reported by Rosbalt, today the head of the Union of Women of Russia public organization, Yekaterina Lakhova, complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin about ice cream and billboards. More precisely, on the image of the rainbow in the advertisement and on the packaging of the Rainbow ice cream. Lakhova not only found “LGBT advertising” in this, but also asked to deal with it, “having given instructions to Roskomnadzor.”

At a meeting between Putin and a working group to prepare proposals for amending the Constitution, Senator Alexei Pushkov expressed concern over the rainbow flag on the US Embassy in Moscow, a symbol of the LGBT community. Putin said in response that there are no and will not be restrictions on religious, national, and minority rights in Russia, and the law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors has been passed in order to avoid pressure on children.

By the way, the second week has already begun, as this flag haunts the representatives of the authorities and their “talking heads” – propagandists …

A fragment of the air of the “First Channel” on June 26, 2020.

After some time, Lakhova spoke and developed Senator Pushkov’s concern to unprecedented heights …

“… So you said that propaganda … Yes, we should not have propaganda, but today we have billboards, for example, hanging rainbow – beautiful colors … with beautiful words. Or advertise an ice cream called Rainbow. Therefore, it is indirect, but it makes our children get used to that … flag, which was hung out, including at this embassy. Therefore, I really wanted that, nevertheless, the values ​​that we tried to lay in our constitution, so that they were in control, had a commission. ”

The fact that selected representatives of the current elite were gathered in this same amendment commission was noticeable from the very beginning of its work. But the fact that the very next day after the announcement of the official voting results will cease to restrain themselves and begin to “correct” common sense – this, of course, was expected, though not so soon and not so sharply.

This “breakthrough” was noticed in social networks. That’s what people write …

The funny thing (actually not) in this story is that the President of the Russian Federation seriously answered the head of the “Union of Women” and suggested “building public control” over the placement of the rainbow.

Screenshot of the transcript of the meeting with the working group to prepare proposals for amending the Constitution from the official site President of the Russian Federation.

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