Robin Soderling: “I defeated Nadal and Ferrer, then the abyss of depression. Several times I searched on Google how to kill myself”

Michael Regan via Getty Images

“I have fallen into an abyss. I searched on Google how to kill myself “: the confession of the former tennis player”. This is how Robin Soderling, a former Swedish tennis player and coach, confessed that he revealed his tough fight against depression.

Robin Soderling’s name is very well known for clay fans: Slam finalist, he was number 4 in the world and above all he was the first player to beat Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros, in a meeting in the round of 16 in 2009.

A career that received a setback precisely because of the depression, of which the sportsman spoke on the public radio station of Sweden: “In July 2011 after beating Ferrer and winning the Bastad final I went back to Monte Carlo and I crashed in a bottomless black abyss. I had constant anxiety that ate inside me. The slightest noise frightened me. It was like that even when the phone rang. ”

In the interview, he continued: “There were only three players with whom I could lose, the others had to beat them, otherwise I felt bad, I failed, I felt like a loser”. “It often happened that I searched on Google how to kill myself. Anything was better than this hell, “he said confessing that he had even thought of the extreme gesture.