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If you are preparing to go abroad for a vacation or important business obligations, pack your bags and travel carefree, sure that you can count on the help provided at any time.

With UNIQA travel insurance policy with additional cover for COVID-19, you have the opportunity to anticipate the potential costs of several hundred or several thousand euros, how much the simplest health services or the necessary hospitalization cost abroad. The standard travel insurance policy with additional coverage for COVID-19 at a price of only 1.6 euros per day of stay abroad, is valid for all European countries, including the Russian Federation and Turkey.

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What does UNIQA travel insurance with coverage for Covid-19 cover?

In addition to all the usual health services, it includes the organization of the necessary health care and cost recovery diagnostics, examination by an authorized doctor, testing for symptoms of coronavirus virus infection and procurement of drugs – inpatient and outpatient treatment in the country of residence up to the amount of 30,000 euros. With a full understanding of parental concerns, UNIQA has provided additional benefits to family travel insurance beneficiaries. For example, two adults and two children, for 5,255 dinars in the name of standard travel insurance with additional coverage, can be carefree for 10 days abroad, sure that in case of need, always and everywhere, they can count on health care.

Covered travel insurance for COVID-19 does not include preventive testing for coronavirus and the cost of staying in quarantine isolation. According to clients’ requirements, broader travel insurance packages provide additional protection in the event of other accidents (loss of luggage, loss or theft of travel documents, flight delays, the need for translation services or legal assistance).

To activate travel insurance in the event of an accident or sudden illness abroad, with or without COVID-19 coverage included, all you need to do is call the UNIQA Help Center available 24 hours a year, and our operators refer you to the nearest health facility, without the need to pay anything directly to the hospital.

Roadside assistance 24/7

If you have chosen a destination and decided to travel by car on vacation, abroad or anywhere in Serbia, UNIQA provides you with safety while driving! Roadside assistance from UNIQA insurance for only 2,362.50 dinars per year, provides support to drivers 24 hours a day in Serbia and throughout Europe! Roadside assistance is not just fast and quality technical service of a barge or, car repairs on the spot, sending spare parts, keys, fuel in Serbia and abroad or preventing high costs in case of a sudden accident or vehicle breakdown.

The policy instills security in both the driver and passengers, because in accordance with the selected package, it provides transportation, accommodation, coverage of the costs of parking a broken and renting a replacement car.

UNIQA formula for a carefree vacation implies security at all times and in all places! With UNIQA travel insurance and roadside assistance, you will be provided with household insurance as well as car tire insurance while you are on the road. All you have to do is indulge in a well-deserved vacation and enjoy the trip!

Travel insurance with or without coverage for COVID-19, as well as Roadside Assistance, you can buy and pay easily, online (by card) through the web shop on the website or in all UNIQA insurance branches.

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