‘Results’ of corona drug trial in 2 weeks

The results of an ongoing drug trial in the hope of eradicating coronavirus will be available in the next two weeks, said Tedros Adhanam Gabriasus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO). He said this at a virtual press conference on Friday. The WHO chief said: “Drug trials are underway in about five and a half thousand patients in 39 countries around the world in the hope of preventing corona. We expect his’ interim results’ within the next two weeks. ‘

Tedros Adhanam Gabriasus could not say when the vaccine would be available, despite talking about the results of the drug. Scientists at the World Health Organization could not provide any clear information on the matter. Several drugs, including remedicivir, lopinavir / ritonavir, and lopanivir, are being tested at the WHO’s ‘Solidarity Trial’. In addition, there are 140 vaccine trials from different companies around the world.

According to the WHO, there are 11 companies in the first phase of the coronary vaccine trial, and eight in the second phase. In the third phase, three, a Chinese company has been approved. Members of the country’s military have been given “special approval” for use.

Since there is no antidote for corona, countries like China, America and Britain have come up with vaccines or medicines to cure the disease. All three countries are claiming that at least one vaccine from any company will be available by next September. But there is no benefit to the common man. Because, it will take more than a year for the corona drug or vaccine to reach the hands of the people.Our time.