Restrooms receive Feijoo in Ourense with a saucepan and several PP mayors respond by shouting “president”


Protest against Feijóo in Verín (Ourense).

Several residents of the orensano municipality of Verín protested this Friday with saucepans upon the arrival of the President of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, PP candidate for the Galician elections this July 12.

Among the protesters were several health workers, who chanted “Verín does not forget” in protest at the dismantling of health care in the region, which they say is “in the ICU.”

Feijóo was attending an event of his party in this town when he met the demonstration, in which many people sounded their saucepans.

In the images, captured by the Diary of the Támega, you can see how several PP mayors who accompany Feijóo turn to the protesters and begin to applaud the cry of “president, president” in support of the Galician popular leader.