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BEFORE the start of filming allowed the government on June 10, Mona Allen’s acting schedule returned.

Actor Munna Hafiraneza Allen, 35, has returned to the scene of the film series She’s Not the Angel, which was suspended due to the Movement Control Act (CPP) for three months.

At the same time, she was also involved in the filming of the Emi Suffian Sabhe serial drama Kebaya Shoe Canvas, which also featured Rozita Che Wan, Nabila Razali, Ferry Amry and many more.

“It was difficult to split the time because they were both from different production companies. The schedule was very tight and for a month I was off. I had to focus really hard to get the acting momentum back.

“Alhamdulillah despite being busy and dense, I still maintain the continuity of the cast so that it will not run away and become a fan favorite,” he said.

According to Mona, She’s Not the Angel to pair her with Keith Foo and Fazlan Hazim.

“We were supposed to go to Istanbul, Turkey for the next shoot, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it had to be canceled.

“At first I was excited to be able to perform overseas for two weeks. The preparations have been made, but what a relief it is.

“Whatever we do, we accept this statement with an open heart because health and life are more important than anything else,” he said.

MONA maintains continuity of performances despite its tight schedule.
MONA maintains the continuity of the cast despite its tight schedule.

Mona said the director had decided to continue filming in Bukit Tinggi and Kuantan, Pahang and made changes to the script.

Mona, who once starred in the Monalisa drama, is thankful that both production companies are tolerating each other, making sure the film goes well.

“They understand the situation and set the table well. In addition, I have two opposing characters in both stories.

“In She Is Not An Angel, I take the heroine, while through the Canvas Shoes I bring the evil, but not too heavy.

“In fact, after a long time, I didn’t return the character for the drama to be aired on TV3,” he said.

Mona was previously synonymous with evil characters, but slowly transformed into other characters including heroin.

“It feels like a lot of people want to see me bring this character.

“Now I want to finish what I had before accepting another offer. Maybe I’ll take one or two offers before making a quick decision.

“Maybe I will go on vacation with my husband to a place of interest. Although we sit at home during the CPP, it is different from going on vacation,” he said who married actress Pekin Ibrahim on December 7, 2018.

TABLE is solid back.
TABLE is solid back.

Mona admits to having fun through Pekin’s life together.

“Thank God we were happy and never had any problems. We used to joke around and share our happiness on Instagram. Fans seem to love and take a deeper look at our way of life. That’s why I wanted to create my own YouTube channel to show my life to fans , “he said.

For now, Mona is capturing the backdrop of a shared scene for fans.

Asked about the zuriat, Mona said he and Pekin had not been given any sustenance.

“We have never planned a family and are ready to have children at any time. By the way, we have no provision yet. Sooner or later, these are all God’s provisions.

“However, my husband and I have never stopped trying and praying. Maybe a vacation can bring us some sustenance. God willing, one day it will be,” she said.

The couple has co-starred in the movie Manap Karaoke and appeared in a movie titled Salina next year.