Reinforced concrete works forbidden to surveyors even if an engineer signs the calculations

06/07/2020 – The design of a reinforced concrete work cannot be entrusted to a surveyor, even if he makes use of the collaboration of an engineer or an architect to countersign the calculations. This was stated by the Tar Campania with the judgment 2684/2020.

Reinforced concrete works, the case

The Tar pronounced on a dispute born between two neighbors. One of the two had obtained permission to build and started the construction of a building. The other had building permit challenged complaining of its illegitimacy for a number of reasons, including the fact that the attached project, concerning a reinforced concrete construction, had been signed by a surveyor.

The neighbor who was completing the construction, however, replied that the quantity surveyor had made use of collaboration of an architect, who had checked the correctness of the calculations relating to reinforced concrete structures.

Reinforced concrete works, competence of engineers and architects

The judges ascertained that the project attached to the building permit was signed by a surveyor, “as such not enabled to the design of buildings with reinforced concrete ā€¯based on article 16, lett. m) of Royal Decree 274/1929, of the Law 1086/1971, and of Law 64/1974, which respectively regulated the works in cement conglomerate and the constructions in seismic areas, and of the Law 144/1949 on the professional rate.

After this preamble, the judges stated that “the surveyors’ competence is limited to the design, direction and supervision of modest civil constructions, with the exception of those involving the adoption, even partial, of reinforced concrete structures “. The only exception, the Tar recalled, is constituted by the “accessory constructions in the context of rural buildings or intended for agricultural industries, which do not require particular calculation operations and which, for their destination, do not pose a danger to people” .

Once stated that the design of civil constructions with reinforced concrete structures is reserved for engineers and architects, the Tar added that is not sufficient the presence of an engineer or architect who controfirmi or just do the math.

The planning assignment, the judges concluded, must be entrusted from the outset to the engineer or architect who take responsibility for it.

Returning to the specific case, the TAR ascertained that the project had been signed only by the surveyor and that the architect indicated as the co-signatory of the calculations was only as construction manager. Based on these reasons, the building permit was found illegitimate.