Regular meetings related to ASEAN and Mekong… Discuss ways of cooperation with five Mekong countries

[아시아경제 임철영 기자] Two new videoconferences were held to announce the full-scale launch of diplomatic itineraries related to ASEAN and Mekong, even when overseas trips and face-to-face meetings are difficult due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona19).

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the’Mekong Friendship High-Level Management Meeting (FLM SOM)’, held jointly between the United States and Vietnam, with five countries in the Mekong region for mutual cooperation, will be held on the 2nd to share information on Mekong cooperation among participants and to cooperate in FLM in the future. We exchanged in-depth opinions on ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.

Jae-kyung Park, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department, ASEAN Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended as the chief representative of the Korean government, has been continuously seeking ways to coexist and prosper with ASEAN and Mekong through the New Southern Policy. Explained that he had prepared a new biography.

In particular, as the occasion of the 1st Korea-Mekong Summit, the Korea-Mekong Biodiversity Center and the Korea-Mekong Businessmen Council were agreed, and the’Korea-Mekong Future Peace Community Development Project’ was aimed at achieving long-term peace in the Mekong region. Introduced that they are pursuing their back in earnest.

In addition, Korea has supported 20% of the total paid and free ODA for the Mekong countries, and as of 2020, $14 million for the Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Fund and $3 million for the Korea-Mekong Cooperation Fund. You mentioned that you are contributing.

Park emphasized that it is important to share information on cooperation projects in Mekong among countries in the region and expand opportunities for public-private consultation in order to improve the efficiency of FLM cooperation in the future, and to discover new areas of cooperation to cope with the changing security environment. Suggested to proceed. In this regard, the government explained that through the’Green New Deal’, which is environment and people-centered, it is pursuing sustainable development and green growth plans in the post Corona19 era.

Meanwhile, the ASEAN Regional Security Forum (ARF) Working Group attended most of the 27 member states, excluding some countries such as North Korea, to check the status of ARF activities and exchange opinions on future plans.

Deputy Deputy Deputy Affairs Officer ASEAN Ahn Jung-hye, who attended as the chief representative of the Korean side, emphasized that cooperation plans for new security issues such as ICT security should be actively discussed, hoping that the ARF face-to-face activities will resume soon for peace and stability in the region. In addition, participating countries exchanged honest and in-depth opinions on regional security issues such as maritime security, terrorism, and disaster relief.

Beginning with the FLM SOM and ARF working meeting held on the 2nd, the Korean government has attended ASEAN-Korea, ASEAN-Korea, Mekong, ASEAN+3, East Asia Summit, ARF senior management meetings and foreign ministers’ meetings. It will continue to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries, a key region of the new southern policy, by taking part in the schedule.

By Chul-Young Lim, reporter [email protected]