Reconstruction of Tsar Dusan Street has begun

The holiday season is, to a certain extent, a signal for the beginning of major infrastructural works in Belgrade, so the reconstruction of Tsar Dusan Street, on the stretch from France to King Peter Street, has begun. The complete works should be completed by September 1, announced the chief urban planner Marko Stojčić as a guest on Studio B.

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– Our intention is that the works will be completed at any cost before September 1, and during the works Dobračina Street will be passable due to trolleybus traffic. According to the information we received from the contractor, the road will be completed earlier and the street will be passable for traffic, but only with two lanes. The work on the reconstruction of the sidewalks and everything else that will be done is more complicated and extensive, so it will certainly take longer than the reconstruction of the road – said Stojčić.

According to him, every reconstruction of streets in the city is accompanied by a complete replacement of infrastructure and installations.

– It would be irresponsible that, when the whole street is already “excavated”, we work “cosmetically” and reconstruct only the part that can be seen. All water and sewage installations will be replaced, as well as all the necessary cables, and this is done so that in the next few decades there would be no need for new interventions on that move. During that work, a certain number of breakdowns is always detected, which is completely normal for big cities. Due to the lower level of digging, the works on this part of the stretch from the Vuk’s monument to Kalemegdan will take place significantly faster than in the part that has already been completed. In addition, there should be no surprises here, such as the lack of cadastral records of underground installations, which was the case in the first phases of the reconstruction of the entire stretch from “Vuk” to Kalemegdan – Stojčić added.