Real Madrid defeated Real Sociedad 1: 3: the numbers, reactions and headlines

Great joy bReal Madrid. The Blancos won yesterday (Sunday) 1: 2 the Real Sociedad In a tough outside game, they have completed 3 of 3 since returning from retardation and have taken over the summit. With eight rounds left to end the season – Zindine Zidane’s team depends on themselves and if you win all games – you will win the No. 34 championship. Again, the Frenchman surprised everyone when he chose to open in the lineup without the Zar sill and catapulted 11 to Hammers Rodrigues who opened in a league game since October, and who stole The show was Vinicius who only left wing. He did not score but squeezed Pendel and was excellent. “Vinnicius proved how much he deserved. That is how he looks unstoppable, ”he wrote. The Brazilian was awarded a three-star rating similar to Danny Carbahal.

“Conductor”, written at the “Marca” gate against a photo of Captain Sergio Ramos celebrating, also with reference to the fact that the brake scored from the white spot his 68th in the league and became the defensive player with the most goals in league history. “When it’s tough – Real doesn’t lose points,” it said. Indeed, the Blancos presented an impressive balance in the tough foreign games. They defeated Sevilla (fourth), Hatapa (fifth), Real Sociedad (sixth) and Valencia (eighth), and did not lose against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

However, in Spain stormed after another controversial evening on the part of the judges. “New conductor and new mess,” reads the “Ace” gate. Oddly, the Real Sociedad Equal Rate was disqualified and the Basque group were very angry. The scandal that has been whistled for real is pretty borderline, too. “After all the fuss, Real is dependent on herself, even if Gerard Pique talks again,” it said. Barcelona’s “sports” affiliated with Zidane’s team stung an opinion column with a picture of the VAR’s judging room and as a counter to the well-known Real Madrid song reads: “That’s how they win the championship.” The headlines in the Catalan media were very poignant.

Madrid newspaper headlines (screenshot: “Marca” and “Ace”)

Real is leading despite the points equals because it has an advantage in the internal meetings of course – it won 0-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu Classic while the Camp Nou game ended without goals. It will be Real’s 1,054 turnover at the summit, while Barca second with 775 and Atletico Madrid third with 260. Another milestone came from Karim Benzema, who had a second consecutive round and reached 165 league goals – equivalent to club legend Hugo Sanchez in fifth place.

Zidan Didn’t like the whole deal with judgment: “It really bothers me what happens, we ended up just talking and talking about judgment, as if we didn’t do anything on the field. The VAR system saw all the events and that was what was decided. They do their job as usual and we don’t have to visit them, this job is not easy. I think Karim took over the ball in the shoulder during the goal. The judge thought that they interfered with Tibo Courtois (the gate that was disqualified for Sociad) and therefore ruled what he had ruled.

About the game itself and the rest of the season: “We suffered to the end in a game against a tough opponent and I think the victory is worthy. We performed high pressure. But we didn’t achieve anything despite the three wins, every game is like a final. We have to continue with this good dynamic, nothing has changed. “

Vinnicius Junior. Was great (Juan Manuel Serrano Arce / Getty Image)

On Ramos’ injury: “If he is injured it is a big hit, I think it is a blow.” When asked if he is the best pandalist in the world after scoring 20 kicks in a row, he replied: “Absolutely, and not only that, I definitely think he is the best brake in the world. He has a special character that makes him always want to get better. ” During the day, Marquee said that Captain Real who limped out was suffering from severe knee pain and not an injury. He will be eligible for the next league game – against Majorca in two days, though the club may prefer to get some rest.

And back in Zidane, the French also referred to Hamas: “He is our player, we have a strong roster of 23 players. He played today and I’m happy with him. Vinnicius? Everyone is fighting, everyone is hungry and that is our advantage. He presented a great ointment. ”