Rainier travelers, the money is on your way!

In a statement released by the Low Coast, it states that it speeds up refunds for passengers whose flights are canceled between March and June and by the end of the month 90% of passengers will be reimbursed

Rainier travelers, the money is on your way!Ryanair aircraft. Ryanair photography

Lined up for corporate passengers Ryanair Waiting for refunds on flight cancellations. The largest European airline flight company in Europe announced on Friday, July 3, that it is speeding up refunds for passengers whose flights are canceled between March and June 2020 and by the end of the month 90% of passengers will be refunded.

From the time the company’s offices in Dublin opened on June 1, 2020, the refunds teams were instructed to speed up the refunds: all refunds for March flights were paid, she said.

At the end of June, 50% of April refunds were paid.

Until July 15, the balance of April refunds will be processed.

At the end of July, refunds for May and most of June will be addressed. These figures include travelers who have received travel vouchers and / or their flight deferred for July, August and September.

Rainier has also called on online websites (OTAs) to provide accurate details of their orders so that the company can also work to recover these funds. Some of Rayner’s refunds are blocked because the sites use fake email addresses and virtual credit cards when placing orders, which cannot be attributed to the individual consumer. Rainair calls on all customers who have not yet received their refund to contact the customer service of the online sites to ensure that they work in cooperation with the airline to handle the refund requests.

Rainier will follow EU directives. Rainier photography

CEO of Rainier Eddie Wilson (Eddie Wilson) He said: “We are pleased to see significant progress in June on refunds due to flight cancellations. Over 90% of travelers who book directly to Rainier and request a refund for travel between March and June will receive their refunds before the end of July. However, it is worrying that a significant portion of our customers who have made bookings through third parties / online travel agencies have not yet received their refunds because they provided fake email addresses or virtual credit card details for these customers. “

“We emphasize this fact to regulators in Ireland (CAR) And in the UK (CAA) As this again demonstrates why urgent regulation of unauthorized sites is needed to ensure they provide accurate airline email addresses and valid payment information so that we can process refunds for these customers quickly and efficiently, ”Eddie added.

“We will continue to work on these refunds as quickly as possible and encourage customers who have not yet requested a refund to do so with our customer service team with a view to responding to their request as quickly as possible,” Eddie Wilson concluded.

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