Putin: Amendments to the Russian constitution will come into force on July 4 – Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decreed that the constitutional amendments approved in the referendum will enter into force on 4 July.

The seven-day voting in the Russian constitutional referendum ended on Wednesday. Almost 78 percent, according to official results, were approved by the parliament’s amendments to the constitution earlier. voting with a turnout of 68 percent According to the Kremlin, the results of the referendum are Putin’s victory. According to some opposition and observers, the results should not be recognized due to procedural irregularities.

According to the amended constitution, Vladimir Putin, after his current term ends in 2024, will be able to run for president again and theoretically hold this office until 2036.

– I do not rule out that I will run for the office of president if the constitution allows it. We will see – Putin recently said in an interview with state television. “I haven’t decided anything yet,” added the president.

On Friday, the president of the Russian Federation publicly commented on the results of the referendum for the first time. – People felt in their hearts that proposals (amendments – ed.) Were necessary and that the country needed their introduction – said Vladimir Putin. “In general, the results showed a high level of unity in key national issues,” he added.

The amendments to the constitution approved in the referendum provide, inter alia, for immunity for former presidents, introduce an appeal to God and define marriage as a relationship between a woman and a man.

Vladimir Putin in the years 1998–1999 was the head of the Federal Security Service, then he took the office of prime minister. After the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, he served as president. He became head of state after the 2000 election, four years later he was re-elected. In 2008, Putin became prime minister. In 2012 and 2018, he again won the presidential election.

Source: rp.pl / Reuters