PS5: upcoming pre-orders? Eric Lempel warns us

Recently, the rumor has spread that PS5 pre-orders were imminent and that Sony would soon do a new presentation, in order to immediately open the pre-orders of its new console. So, however, it was not. Sony has guaranteed that we will all be informed with a large margin of notice, but it will not happen in the short term.

Despite the rumor coming from one questionable source, some people – victims of false hopes – even rushed to line up in front of the stores, to book their much desired next-gen console. To clear up any doubts, the reporter Geoff Keighley decided to ask the question directly to Eric Lempel – head of the PlayStation marketing division – asking him during the last one DualSense themed live whether it is legitimate to expect the imminent opening of PS5 pre-orders at this point.

“No, definitely it won’t happen soon it is Lempel’s imperturbable answer, which clears up any doubt. “I received messages informing me that people were lining up in front of the shops and I had no idea why! I think it is appropriate to specify that we will let you know when the pre-orders open. It will not happen with a few minutes’ notice. At some point, we will tell you when it will be possible to book PS5, so don’t think you have to rush to the stores to line up who knows where, until you receive official information about it “warns Lempel.

Once again, we will have to wait to finally know the prices of the two PS5 versions announced by Sony. We remind you that it will be possible choose which one to buy between a standard model and a fully digital one without a Blu-Ray player. So let’s wait official information from Sony, who, as can be seen, has decided not to upset the videogame people with live announcements about the opening of the pre-orders – as has happened in other contexts, by other well-known technological companies.