Prof. Gamzo to Maariv: “The health system has improved thanks to the OECD”

Where would we be without the OECD? The Israeli health system is currently dealing with the Corona virus, along with many claims over the past few years about government neglect, which are not budgeted and properly cared for by the medical staff in various centers around the country. On this issue, and about Israel’s contribution to the OECD a decade ago, Ichilov Hospital CEO today spoke, and then-Health Director General Prof. Ronnie Gamzo at the Jerusalem Post Group’s special conference and newspaper Maariv.

“I was appointed CEO of the Ministry of Health in June 2010, a year after Israel joined the OECD, and we began to reap the benefits of joining,” said Gamzo. “One of the things I have led is a much greater connection, and the use of these companies and partnerships. At the end of my job, I was part of the OECD Health Division, where I learned even more about the power of this organization, and our way as a non-European country to learn and use this system, ”he added.

“When I saw the OECD data I could have given a lot more attention to the data on Community Medicine Quality Metrics In the world compared to Israel. I felt that I did not have enough data to give, one of the reasons Israel did not appear in the organization’s quality metrics, “he said. The headline was that we have a system of excellent primary medicine, but in hospitals, the place I came from, There was no function in terms of quality metrics. When we say that we are an advanced and modern country, and when you receive such a report, you have no choice. This report produced in a very short time a regulatory document signed by Bibi within a month, without parliamentary approval. “

Hospital corridor (Photo: Flash 90)
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“It has managed the credentials of all guilds,” Gamzo added. “Anyone who objected to measurement and reporting in hospitals at that moment was silenced, the regulations were published in 2012, and in 2013 the first report – the hospital quality index report was issued. It pushes hospitals forward, for example, on the ability to take the organization without fear On vulnerabilities, including running a change. It’s a strong regulatory tool. “

“I recommended that my colleagues in the profession use it,” the former director general of the Ministry of Health added. “We enjoy seeing the good things and not researching in depth. What slows down our learning procedures is the fact that we are just telling ourselves how great we are. This thing always drove me crazy. How come we don’t outperform the other OECD countries in terms of quality metrics, and I couldn’t crack it, even as the director general of the Ministry of Health. I went in there for all the indicators, and beyond what I did there, I did it for the service of the State of Israel. “