Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has tendered the resignation of his government

Rumors multiplied about a possible reshuffle. The news is confirmed. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe resigned Friday, July 3. The day before, President Emmanuel Macron confirmed the formation of a new government team.

“Édouard Philippe today handed in the government’s resignation to the President of the Republic, who accepted it,” said a short press release from the Élysée. The Prime Minister “ensures, with the members of the government, the treatment of current affairs until the appointment of the new government”, adds the Presidency of the Republic.

A new Prime Minister appointed during the day?

The day before, in an interview with the regional press, Emmanuel Macron remained vague on the fate of the Prime Minister. “There will be a new team,” confirmed the head of state, however, about a possible reshuffle.

The Élysée Palace did not specify when the new members of the government would be appointed. According to LREM deputy for Seine-Maritime, Damien Adam, the new Prime Minister could be appointed as of July 3. “Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has tendered his resignation and a new Prime Minister will be appointed today,” he wrote on Twitter.

Édouard Philippe, re-elected mayor of Le Havre

Edouard Philippe had been at the head of the government since the takeover of Emmanuel Macron in May 2017. The Prime Minister on the departure has just won the municipal election in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) without label on Sunday 28 June.

In his interview with the regional press, Emmanuel Macron praised the achievements of Edouard Philippe: “For three years by my side, he has been carrying out remarkable work with successive governments and we have carried out important, historic reforms, often in circumstances very difficult. “

After the Covid-19 crisis, the reshuffle represented a particularly strategic subject for the executive. The new Prime Minister will have to steer the recovery of many sectors while the economic indicators have turned into the red. “Back to school will be difficult, we must prepare for it. We must therefore draw a new path. I see it around the economic, social, environmental and cultural reconstruction of the country,” said Emmanuel Macron.