Presidential lies to cover the humiliation of His Holiness Theodosius in front of Iohannis

The so-called incident on Navy Day, when during the service the microphone of ÎPS Teodosie, the Archbishop of the archdiocese of Tomis, was, in fact, an operation set up by the structures close to the president Klaus Iohannis, who do not support ÎPS Teodosie after he had disturbed him with his opinions during the Covid-19 pandemic and after he did not join the chorus of Zelenskiy’s supporters.

That this is the case, is demonstrated by those who tried to explain the “incident”, who, in fact, got involved in lies, which were more slanderous, ignoring even the audio-video material that contradicts them!
First, we present to you a 23-minute film, from the arrival of President Klaus Iohannis, until after the cutting of the microphone of ÎPS Teodosie, that is, the passage that shows that all the official explanations are ordinary lies, intended to minimize the extent of the operation that was aimed at humiliating the high prelate of the Romanian Orthodox Church, ÎPS Teodosie, archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tomis:

In this film you will have several notifications that help you find the decisive moments of this miserable operation, carried out to give satisfaction to President Iohannis. Here is the sequence of these moments, as you will find on the film:
– min. 0:17.644: the first image with the arrival of Klaus Iohannis
– min. 2:50.738: The honor is given to President Iohannis
– min. 3:12.183: The ceremonial raising of the flag, the jack and the great mast begins
– min. 6:03.192: The National Anthem of Romania is sung
– min. 8:58.480: The start of the service is announced
– min. 8:18.496: The last time the service is heard in the foreground. The prayer is said for PS Daniel, the Patriarch of BOR
– min. 18:40.752: Just when the name of H.E. Theodosius is pronounced in prayer, the TV commentators overlap the service, which is passing in the background, giving all kinds of details to cover it!
– min. 19:01.935: the volume of the service is reduced to the maximum, the voice of the priests can barely be heard, which is completely covered by the voices of the TV commentators
– min. 21:15.789: the presenter’s voice can be heard in the background, announcing that Rear Admiral Mihai Panait will speak!
– min. 21:23.559: ÚPS Teodosie realizes that the microphone is cut and only now stops the job!
– min. 21:32.888: Klaus Iohannis is satisfied and receives the honor from Mihai Panait, as if he did not notice that the micron of the job was cut
– min. 21:55.149: The commentator stops to listen to Mihai Panait! During the service he didn’t have the same respect anymore!
With this film and this timeline in front of us, it will be very easy to track down and expose all the presidential lies that have been thrown into the public space to justify an “incident” that was, in reality, a bespoke operation to humiliate the PSC Teodosie in front of Klaus Iohannis.


This version was released by Mediafax, which, in the stream of September 15, at 14:13, wrote that “the high prelate’s microphone was turned off to meet the president”, who would have arrived right then, but without indicating any source of the information !

But, as seen in the broadcast of the event and in the film above, the first image with the arrival of Klaus Iohannis appears at min. 0:17, and the religious service only starts at min. min. 9:22 and lasted until min. 21:03! So, the service was interrupted more than 20 minutes after Iohannis arrived!
So between these three moments there is a gap of more than 20 minutes, so the interruption of the service had absolutely nothing to do with the arrival of Iohannis. Where Mediafax got this “news” we don’t know, but it is clear that the manipulators passed it on, knowing that the journalists would swallow it whole.


This lie was launched by Antena 3, the station that became Digi24’s little brother, since PSD allied with PNL to become the presidential party. The “journalists” from Antena 3, without citing any source, say that President Iohannis was late and that the organizers interrupted the service “so as not to delay the flight of some aircraft that were going to fly over the area”:

Where did they get this gross lie from, even though Antena 3 broadcasted this event live on Navy Day? Didn’t they also see that if they wanted to recover a time interval, the organizers could cut from many places during the 40 minutes of the demonstration, not exactly from the religious service held by ÎPS Teodosie?
They preferred, however, to abandon the garb of the press to wear the vest of propagandists, and shamelessly wrote: “Teodosie’s service was forcibly cut short, after the president was a few minutes late. In order to re-enter the program established at the second, the organizers of the event had to cut off the high prelate’s microphone, as the ceremony also included the overflight of the port by several aircraft, a flight that could not be delayed”.


Added to the wave of blatant lies was the Communiqué of the “Romanian Naval Forces”, which should have provided true official information, since the logo of the institution reads big: “HONOR ET PATRIA”!
But what do the FNR officials do? They also lie with the same shamelessness, joining the chorus of misinformers, declaring that the interruption of the job was due to a technical failure of the audio system! Here is the lying statement:

And in the case of the “Romanian Naval Forces”, the lie is proven by the film of the demonstration, where it can be seen that the audio system was working normally, but from min. 18:40 the commentators intervene over the sound from the service, and from min. 19:01 the sound at the service is reduced to a minimum, after which, from min. 21:03 is cut by everything!
Therefore, successive mitigating measures were taken so that the interruption of work would not go unnoticed or become shocking. Many have either fallen into this trap or believed the embarrassing explanations I dismantled above.


Surprisingly, the whole plan of manipulation of the episode of the interruption of the religious service on Navy Day was turned upside down by an article on the “Deutsche Welle” website, with a significant title: “What does the joining of Philorus Teodosie with President Iohannis tell us” . The author is none other than Sabina Fati, one of the most zealous journalists in the Romanian press (sorry for the language, but this is the most innocent expression I could have used), who writes:

The author of the article explains exactly what happened in Constanța on Navy Day. She does not take into account any of the explanations of the officials, who tried to eliminate any connection between the interruption of the service held by ÎPS Teodosie and the presence of Klaus Iohannis.
Sabina Fati reveals everything, perhaps unwillingly or, on the contrary, to eliminate any doubt: “It is at least striking the association of the president and the Romanian military forces with this high ranking official known for his pro-Russian statements that he made and before and after the Russians invaded Ukraine”! So, daddy’s girl or Sabina Fati, slap the president and those who put him in the position to sit and listen to His Highness Teodosie! Let everyone see who interrupted the sound system of the St. Mary’s service, which is also Navy Day! We will continue to quote Sabina:
“The presence of Teodosie at a military ceremony through which Romania wanted to celebrate its Atlanticist attachment and the determination to defend the eastern flank of the Alliance suggests not only organizational gaps, but also complicity that is difficult to explain.
Did the president not know the program beforehand, was the name of the representative of the Orthodox Church who will officiate the service hidden from him, or did the presidential administration overlook this detail, considering it insignificant?
The symbolism of the presence of the leader of the radical wing of BOR, Archbishop Teodosie, a declared admirer of Vladimir Putin, at a celebration of the Romanian military highlights a lack of consistency in Romania at the highest level. An association that can validate the myth of Romania’s permanent oscillation between East and West, between the forces of good and those of evil”.
Now I think it is as clear as possible for everyone that there was no technical malfunction, the service was not shortened because Iohannis came, nor was it interrupted because the flight of some ships was delayed. The reason was the one developed by Sabina Fati on the “Deutsche Welle” website: Klaus Iohannis could not stand the presence of ÎPS Teodosie with him!
For this reason, a diabolical manipulation device was set in motion, which succeeded in cutting off the High Prelate’s microphone, although:
– according to the statement of ÎPS Teodosie, the service was supposed to last 17 minutes
– until the microphone was cut, the job had lasted 11 minutes and 41 seconds, that is, from min. 9:22 to min. 9:03 p.m
– basically, cutting the mic shortened the job by JUST 5 minutes and 19 seconds!
– in other words, the whole operation was not related to hastening the festivities, but only to the intention of humiliating ÎPS Teodosie, i.e. to convey the message that President Iohannis does not accept the presence of the “anti-vaccinist” and “Putinist” Teodosie near him! Endless nonsense, to satisfy the propagandists in his entourage.
It is not the first time that from the highest level we witness such matters that are on the edge of civilized behavior. Let’s remember the many episodes of “PeeSeeeDee” or “Who knows what business Dragnea does with the Jews?”
Unfortunately, this time we witnessed a very harsh attack on the Romanian Orthodox Church, because Navy Day takes place on the day when we commemorate the “Assumption of the Mother of God”, called by believers Saint Mary the Great, one of the greatest celebrations of Christianity!
Normally, the BOR management should have reacted against those who planned this blasphemy in Constanța. But not even Vasile Bănescu, the spokesperson of the BOR, who instead jumped to the defense of Volodimir Zelenski, reacted.
I see that no one wants to defend Teodosie because he stood up too much against the System and for the defense of the rights of the Orthodox believers!
Anyway, the events in Constanța on August 15, 2022 will remain in history as a slap on the cheek of the presidential administration and as a contempt for the majority church of the Romanians. With severe consequences if the people will ever emerge from the apathy in which they sank.

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