Prague: Cooperative housing is stuck, Hřib has ordered an opinion, Pospíšil and Marvanová are angry

There has been talk in the past about the cooperative housing project, which councilor Marvanová is trying to develop at the municipal level. In general, it can be summarized that how Representatives of the Pirates as well as Prague mind that the project that Marvanová submits as finished is, according to them, of poor quality and unfinished. The imaginary impetus for this claim was to be given by a legal analysis, which was “secretly” commissioned by the mayor of the renowned multinational company Ernst & Young.

According to the chairman of the United Forces for Prague, Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09), it was an unfair “underbelt,” because no one from the United Forces for Prague club knew about the assignment of the analysis. This was also confirmed by the Deputy Mayor of Prague 7 and at the same time by Pavel Zelenka, a deputy and member of the Commission for Affordable Housing (Prague for Himself), who stated for that “the opinion given by the mayor was not consulted with Councilor Marvanová.”

Everything wrong?

This records all sorts of speculations, of which, according to Pospíšil, the most probable is that the report was made for the purpose of braking preparation of the whole project, if not its complete cessation. In addition, he himself pointed out factual and legal errors, which made the report not appear to be credible material. The stumbling block is also his assignment price. „At the time of the coronary crisis, when the city has no money and we are dealing with every crown, the mayor will place an order for a fraudulent report for 605 thousand crowns.? ”Pospíšil asked.

In addition, the mayor did not acquaint his coalition partners with him until the day before the council meeting, where Marvanová wanted to present the project. “I can’t shake the impression that the opinion was kept secret until the last minute so that it could not be debated at the council, because he basically says that the whole project, in which experts, lawyers and economists have been involved for more than a year and a half, is bad. ”Mushroom said in response to Blesk that he made the material available the day after he received it himself.

Marvan herself, who is, among other things, a lawyer, finds a number of errors in the analysis. “It’s just that was prepared on the basis of outdated data, raises embarrassment and disappointment, whether it was intentionally or inadvertently. In my opinion, this is dilettante work, which could be prosecuted legally, because all the experts who prepared the cooperative housing project can feel it damaged by the erroneous conclusions of the legal analysis.“

At the same time, Marvan was told that hers he intends to complain about the assignment and that he will strive not to be reimbursed by the municipality. „The mayor gave his opinion. So he should brag, and let him or the Pirates pay for itBut why should it be paid out of taxpayers’ money when it comes to sheer sabotage and politicking against our councilors? ”Pospíšil added.

Inconvenient project

The mushroom rejects any mistake and stated for that he had his reasons for entering the analysis, which were confirmed. “We had it commissioned by a reputable multinational company, so the price is as it is,” he said, adding that it was perfectly fine that it was ordered by the municipality.

The Mayor of Prague 11, Jiří Dhonal, is in charge of this office.  What did he reveal about himself?

“The analysis proved right away nine economic mistakes of the current project, the main one being thatthat the project does not actually represent affordable housing at all. The way it is developed is intended only for a group of selected inhabitantswho must have certain income or financial reserves at their disposal. The benefits of it do not really accrue to them or to the city. ”

What exactly do you care about Pirates and Prague? The cooperative housing project is prepared in such a way that the city will provide the cooperative, in which Prague would have its share, with land for the construction of real estate. It would take a loan, which would be paid from rents. After its repayment, in a few decades, it would then Prague sold the land to the cooperative – the question, however, is for how much. “We are specifically annoyed, for example, that nowhere is it specified in the whole project, according to which the price of the land will be based in some 30 or 50 years., “Zelenka told


According to him and the mayor, it would be ideal for a key to be determined in advance for future land prices, within which Prague would not lose money. “We fully support cooperative housing, but it must bring benefits to both the inhabitants of Prague and the city.. The land must be adequately paid so that Prague can benefit from it and further develop not only cooperative housing, but other projects,“Zelenka said. According to Marvanová, this is the only condition on the part of the coalition partners, to which the whole project is bound, and with which it has a problem.

“In all other conditions and comments, I complied with my colleagues, but now require that land be sold at higher than market prices. If Prague made this project more expensive in this way and conditioned the sale of land at a more expensive price than it would be on the market, I am afraid it would be related to usury and it could also have legal consequences. I do not intend to hear this condition, “Marvan said. She therefore hoped that she could discuss the cooperative housing project at the council on Thursday, so that opposition representatives could also comment for it – and perhaps give it or her not to be right. However, it was the votes of the coalition Pirates and Prague Sobé that this item was not approved for discussion.

There would be support. She just couldn’t sound

I do not understand the reasons that led to the suspension of the whole project at the last minute, “The Deputy Mayor of Prague 11 and the opposition representative of the capital, Ondřej Prokop (YES), told “I consider the conditions of a possible sale to a municipal cooperative at prices higher than the market not only naughty, but also against the independent meaning of supporting affordable housing, as such a purchase would increase the final price of housing above the market level.“

Actress Anna Polívková with her mother, actress Evelyna Steimarová, after an explosion in a house in Strojnická Street.  July 1, 2020

He himself intends to implement a cooperative housing project in Prague 11, and the management of the local town hall has already issued a favorable opinion on it. It is interesting that it is headed by the pirate mayor Jiří Dohnal. At the municipal level, according to Marvanová, Pirates have been fighting the project from the beginning. But is it really so? “We do not want to block or delay the cooperative housing project. This is one of the points on which the whole coalition agreed in its beginnings. On the other hand but it is necessary that the project is prepared flawlessly, which it is not, “Said Hřib.

What will be next?

While according to Pospíšil and Marvanová it is “Gross violation of the coalition agreement, “According to Hřib, there is no need to panic. “Errors are from being corrected. I see no reason why the project could not be worked out better,He said. Zelenka spoke in a similar spirit. The project of cooperative housing in the capital does not have such a stop sign. Just at the moment athe froze in place.

On the other hand, several city districts managed to express themselves positively for him. If Marvan didn’t get support for him at the municipal level, she was told that is ready to help with its implementation at least at the municipal level of Prague City Hall. Specifically, she mentioned that she cooperates with Prague 8 or Prague 11. “I have already given the legislature the task of assessing the extent to which city districts can grant the right to build without the consent of the municipality., “Marvan concluded.