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Visitors will be able to buy the best gifts
pre-Christmas design markets MINT Market in Brno and Prague.

The weekend of December 14-15 will be owned by MINT Market Brno 41 in Mosilana Hub on Křenová Street. Two weeks later – December 21-22, the really close pre-Christmas MINT Market Prague 27 will take place in the Prague Market Square, which makes it ideal event for all gift latecomers. Admission to both events is free, dogs are welcome.

Min Market Brno

In Brno, W.DJ and Martha DJ will take care of the good mood on the markets, and gourmets will enjoy the gourmets. The MINT Market will include the Fashion 2.1 exhibition organized by NaZemi and the open studios of Mosilan Hub.

Mint Market Prague

MINT Market Prague will take place in halls No. 11 and 17 in the Prague Market Square in Holešovice. DJ Radio 1 Tim Otis will play a special set here. The program will include children’s theater performances Stolen Christmas by the Toy Machine Theater and Christmas Journey with Angels of the Striped Dolls Theater together with workshops DadaDiv Creative Workshop, Pencil Case Workshop, #zijessrdcem by Loono, Animated Stories and Production of Christmas Ornaments with Moss Nice Things.

Peace and quiet

Crowded retail chains with impersonal sellers, soulless goods produced under any working and environmental conditions, exorbitant business margins that go into the pockets of multinational corporations – all this is the complete opposite of MINT Markets. MINT Markets mean a return to the original form of markets, where the creators personally offer their honest and heartfelt clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, decorations and delicacies.

The visitor not only buys, but also enjoys the unique atmosphere of proximity, enjoys an interesting offer and experiences what it means to vote with his wallet. He can chat with the sellers, learn the story of individual products and the whole brand. By purchasing, he gets not only a beautiful thing, but also a good feeling from the support of a local manufacturer.

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Mint Market Brno 41

Mint Market Prague 27

Photo source: Mint Market