Portuguese Nurses Union demands resolution of injunctions at Hospital São José – Portugal

Leaders of the Portuguese Nurses Union (SEP) gathered today in front of Hospital S. José, in Lisbon, to demand “the resolution of injustices” caused by not counting points for the purpose of progressing nurses’ careers.


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“We are here to deliver a motion containing the contents of a petition that was being collected at the beginning of the year” and which already had “a few hundred signatures” with the nurses’ claims, Isabel Barbosa, director told reporters of the SEP.

However, despite the pandemic, the nurses did not want to fail to transmit their demands exposed in the motion, namely to demand from the board of directors of Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Central, which is part of Hospital São José, and the Ministry of Health “the resolution of injustices caused by not counting points for the purpose of nurses’ progression “at this hospital.

At issue is the “fair count of points for the purpose of progression”, a situation aggravated in this institution, which “is the only one that does not consider the totality of points from 2004 to 2014 as provided for in public administration legislation”, explained Isabel Barbosa .

The union leader said that this situation is related to “the inversion of the remuneration table of the nursing career”, adding that there are “countless cases of specialist nurses receiving less than general nurses”.

He also pointed out “the de-categorization of nurse supervisors with career changes”, arguing that “these are measures that can and should be resolved by the board of directors, but above all by the Ministry of Health”.

“Today we have an afternoon meeting where we want to see these issues resolved,” said Isabel Barbosa in front of the São José Hospital, where she was accompanied by five union leaders from the delegation of the Lisbon Regional Directorate of the SEP who held white and red flags of the union.

Isabel Barbosa stressed that “nurses have never failed in their responsibilities, they have always been at the forefront and what they claim are problems that already existed before the pandemic and that remain”.

According to the union leader, this situation in practice harms some nurses by 200 or 400 euros, depending on the path of each health professional.

“We know that there are 2,400 nurses”, of whom “more than 1200 are individual employment contracts and none of them are considered points”, he said.

Of the rest, he stressed, “many hundreds remain in the first remunerative position of the nursing career”, with a salary of 1,200 euros.

Thus, the SEP requires for all nurses, regardless of link, the attribution prior to the salary adjustment of 1,201.48 euros, the validation of assessments that to date have not been considered for various reasons and the attribution of 1.5 points per year from 2004 to 2014.

Whoever entered the door of São José was alerted to the struggle of nurses through banners with inscriptions like “Protection yes! Loss of rights no”, “Fight for the defense and strengthening of the NHS! Valuing and dignifying all health workers already” and Nurses at the forefront, but do not value specialists “.