1.21 gigawatts: that’s the energy it took to get the DeLorean flux capacitor up and running to travel to Marty McFly’s own time plane in the first part of the Back to the Future trilogy.

We are really talking about a lot of energy: as much as, for example, 4800 electric car charging points are needed to deliver it. That’s exactly how the charging networks at Electrify America and Ionity operate, and because Porsche has contracts with both, they’ve galatically appropriated the expansion of the networks to tell their customers: time travel is now feasible.

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The whole thing is of course just a marketing campaign, although its genius, especially English-speaking readers will appreciate the slogan word: Spend less time charging, more time traveling.

Charging a Porsche Taycan, by the way, really takes up little time out of our lives: the 800-volt battery can be charged at 270 kW, so a battery that has reached 5% can be charged to 80% in just 22 minutes.

Porsche has created the conditions for time travel 2