Poles trust news from Super Express or Facts more than from TVP

The most popular sources of information – old media

Let’s start with the most popular sources from which compatriots learn about current events from the country and the world. Among the sources in the form of television, radio and press we most often mention TVN station (including TVN24), which is watched by at least once a week by 50% of Poles. RMF FM radio came second, with Polsat News closing the podium. TVP takes fourth place here and Radio Zet fifth, below we have media with clearly less popularity than the first five.

The most popular sources of information – new media

In the case of online information sources, the leader is Onet.pl – 55% of responses, followed by WP.pl – 48%. The first website of the Internet television station is in third place – TVN24.pl 40%, the next is only in 8th place – TVP.info, which is visited by at least once a week 21% of respondents.

From other online sources that receive native information, the OKO.press, Pikio and Mariusz Max Kolonko websites are most often mentioned.

What devices do we usually consume messages on? Until the end of 2018, the computer was at the forefront, but from 2019 we were more eager to follow messages on smartphones (this can also be seen in our Google Analytics statistics).

Compared to the previous year, the Poles’ willingness to pay for access to online news increased by 4 percentage points. At the same time, only 45% trust the content of messages – generally, messages found in search engines have a little more trust, and the greatest trust is in the content we choose. The overall score of trust is underestimated by messages from social networks.

Trust in news has fallen by three percentage points this year but people have more trust in the brands they use themselves. Independent media tend to score higher in terms of trust than the public service broadcaster TVP which is often seen as acting in the interests of the ruling party.

We have the least confidence in the news watched on TVP, which are perceived by Poles as acting in the interest of the ruling party. 39% of our compatriots do not trust this station, but 43% of us still believe otherwise. It is significant, however, that titles such as Super Express and Fakt are more trusted.

In turn, two RMF FM radio stations – 72% of indications and Radio ZET – 69% can boast the greatest confidence in Poland. We have slightly less confidence in local newspapers. Polsat News, Onet.pl and Fakty TVN came next.

I admit that I have similar feelings, these radio stations speak rather neutrally, and if it wasn’t for those stupid jokes and embarrassing points from various guide stories read on the network, I would listen to the radio more often, not just the news, I would even bear these ads and repetitive songs.

We are pleased with TVP’s last place, but we should remember that the survey was conducted among Internet users (in Poland the sample amounted to 2008 people) and did not necessarily include the iron electorate of the ruling party.

Źródło: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

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