The situation on the border between Poland and Belarus has been one of the most important issues the Polish public has been dealing with for several weeks now. In the border area of ​​Sokółka, schools will, according to the latest information, switch to distance learning so that children do not move around on their own in an area full of migrants. Today, migrants again tried to cross the border from the Belarusian side. After they managed to tear down the fence, they headed towards the border, but stopped. There were a lot of police vehicles that came in a few waves. There were more than 30 of them, including a water cannon and a preventive fire truck.

Polish authorities report that migrants have adopted a new tactic. Now they are not going to Poland at various border crossings in groups of 10, but, according to the instructions of the Belarusian police, they are deliberately gathering in a large group at one border and thus want to cross the border by force.

NGOs in the forest in the border area encounter large numbers of migrants and refugees who are hypothermic and exhausted in search, and many also die.

Police have returned 60 people who crossed the Belarusian border last night. These are mostly citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. Two Russian journalists have been arrested in the border area, where a state of emergency is still in place and movement and reporting are not allowed. They also arrested three people smugglers who tried to smuggle about thirty migrants.