Pirelli counts on one pit stop per race

The strategy of one pit stop at Pirelli is considered optimal in tomorrow’s race.

According to shinnikov, the fastest option is to start on Soft and switch to Hard in the region of 24-28 laps. An alternative scenario is the start on Medium and the transition to Hard in the region of 27-32 laps. Both strategies are approximately equal in time, but the second implies more flexibility.

A slower strategy is starting on Soft and switching to Medium around 30-34 laps.

The strategy of the two pit stops is even inferior in time. For those who choose this option, Pirelli recommends driving two segments of 16-18 laps on Soft, and then switching to Medium or Hard, depending on the situation in the race.

Mario Isola, head of Pirelli motorsport division: “The circle that allowed Valtteri Bottas to win the pole is a record for today’s track configuration. This once again speaks about the evolution of cars, because the tires are now used the same as last year.

Ferstappen’s decision to start at Medium became interesting, which will allow him to work more flexibly with the strategy of using tires at a distance, which can play a decisive role in the race.

As expected, on a short circle with such a density of results in the qualification team used only Soft tires to maximize the speed potential of their cars. But in tomorrow’s race, all three teams will play an important role. ”