Major is a three-year-old German Shepherd picked up from the shelter by the current President of the United States Joe Biden. With a much older one Champom he had been running on the lawns in front of the White House and in the corridors of the president’s residence since the end of January, until recently, when he allegedly attacked one of the security guards.

The young dog allegedly bit the security guard. What his condition is, the media is not reporting yet, but it is clear that both the guilty Major and the innocent Champ now had to leave the proximity of their master. As a result of the incident, they both moved back to Biden’s family home in the state of Delaware.

Joe Biden, Champ, Major,


US President Joe Biden with Champ and Major at the Oval Office in the White House.

The major is said to have behaved aggressively even before the incident, unnamed sources close to the president told CNN. The dog is said to be very lively, jumping, barking a lot and harassing White House staff in general. The older Champ, who is already 13 years old, is much slower due to his age.

It is not yet known whether the two dogs will return to the master, who now resides in the White House, or whether they will have to remain in “exile.”

Joe Biden, Champ,


Champ is 13 years old and is very calm, so until recently he was able to attend meetings.